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10 Months: Double Digits

27 Nov

Kyler Nicole is 10 months old. We are in the double digits people. She continues to amaze us and make us laugh. She is definitely turning out to be quite the little ham.

So here’s an update from last month:

  • Cruising- She has really picked this up. She now walks around all her toys and furniture and is getting a lot braver. Sometimes she will walk around while holding onto one hand and is very proud of herself when she stands up on her own.
  • Eating- She is a champ in this department. Yes, my child! 4 months ago the kid wouldn’t eat a thing but now she is pretty good at eating. We are trying to push more finger foods and get her off the purees. She LOVES yogurt. That is our go to food when she is in a mood and doesn’t want to eat.
  • Playing-  She is starting to copy us. If I pretend to cough, she coughs. She thinks it’s a fun game. She also has started saying Ho Ho Ho after we say it as well. I can tell she really gets things now. When we see an animal, I always ask what that animal says. She gives me this smile and look as if she is waiting at the edge of her seat for me to say it. She gives high-fives and thinks it’s so funny to be tickled.
  • Waving- She waves hi and bye and actually knows what it means. It is so cute when I say “Bye Kyler” she waves back.
  • Sippy- Still doing very well on the sippy. I think we may retire the bottle sometime this month. I am kind of hoping that will help the next stage which is getting rid of the pacifier. YIKES!
  • BUSY!-  This one is busy, busy, busy. She is very independent when she wants to be and never likes to sit still. She is a very determined little girl. If she wants to do something, there is no stopping her!

Kyler normally lets me take a few photos before ripping off her sticker but not this time! She went right for it!

She was very interested in what I was doing.

So I let her help.

Oh those eyes ❤

These past 10 months have flown by but at the same time, it’s hard to think back of what she was like when she was just an itty bitty thing. We are trying to cherish every moment with her as I know time will fly by (it already has!).


Kyler-bug, you are something else! We love you! ❤

Weekend Update with Kyler: 43 Weeks

26 Nov

43 weeks means one week closer to the big O-N-E. I didn’t post last night because I worked last so I pushed it off until today 🙂


This isn’t the most riveting video but it shows her curiosity for her toys 🙂

Remember last week when I posted a picture of Kyler staring at the mirror? Well here is a video to show her in action.


Kyler LOVES books (which is great because Chris and I really don’t read as much as we should…. okay we really don’t read much at all).


Our good friends, The Gilbertson’s, moved 5 houses down from us on Wednesday! Kyler and Chris went over to see how things were going while I was working the Magic game. Kyler helped Kenley unpack 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving! We started the morning off by picking up my father-in-law at the airport and then went back to Merritt Island to have Thanksgiving dinner. The day flew by and before I knew it, it was over 😦


We had a Magic game on Friday so I worked all day. Chris finally sent me a picture of Kyler (I was so excited) and this is what I get. Thanks Chris 😦


Kyler and I went shopping for a bit and “helped” Chris and Hal put Christmas lights on the house.

Whatcha doing?

Checking out the reindeer.

She also had some fun while I crafted.


I had another Magic game but Kyler came to visit me 🙂 It’s her second Magic game and I think she enjoyed it!

I am so excited that we are in the Christmas season! We are done shopping for Kyler already (Go us!) and I got some things for Chris already. Hopefully no last minute shopping for this lady! I am planning on getting a lot done this weekend because there are no events at work! Woo-hoo!

Thankful Thanksgiving

25 Nov

I know it’s a few days late but Happy Thanksgiving! We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner over at my parents house. Chris’s dad came into town as well so it’s been a nice family weekend!

My family made a really nice meal!

Kyler had her first Thanksgiving meal and I think she really liked it! ( I mean what’s not to like, right?)

I bought this cute little Thanksgiving plate and I forgot it at home! Oh well, always next year!


Before dinner: Let’s do this!

Kyler and her cousin Emma

She loves her cousin!

Of course we had play time!

And capped it off with a golf cart ride!

I am so thankful for my family, each and every one of them! I am also thankful we have a beautiful home, great jobs to go to, and wonderful friends! I am especially thankful for our daughter as she is the BEST thing that could have ever happened to us. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 42 Weeks

18 Nov

Well this one is going to be short and sweet and mostly pictures 🙂 Poor Kyler caught a cold this week and I took her to the doctor. Turns out, she caught strep throat! Poor thing 😦 She was finally somewhat back to normal today although she was crankier than usual. I don’t blame her!


With Kyler exploring more and more, she is starting to get more and more bumps and bruises. She got a nice boo-boo at school that day!


I did some crafting!


Kyler has learned to give high-fives!

I got a call from daycare earlier that day saying Kyler was running a low fever and not acting like herself. Chris went to pick her up but we just chalked it up to teething.


Well, it was not teething. Kyler had a pretty high temp and was not in a good mood at all. I stayed home from work and took care of my little girl.

This was our only play time for the day 😦

I know she is really sick when she cuddles up on me. We cuddled in bed and watched TV for most of the day before I took her to the doctor. Her temp was 103.3 and Advil wasn’t putting a dent in it so we went in. I am so glad we did because the doctor did a strep test and turns out she had it! She was put on antibiotics and we were sent on our way.


Kyler was supposed to go to school but she went over to Grandma’s house instead. Afterwards, she had some nice QT time with Mommy and Daddy. Not too much smiling for this one.

The soon to be Emery’s came over for dinner Friday night! So nice to catch up with them!


We stayed pretty close to home on Saturday. Chris re-did the turtle tank! New rocks, new basking area, new plants, and new fish! Normally the turtles eat the fish within the matter of a couple of hours but they all seem to be here as of today. We will see!

Messy eater!


We started off the day with FaceTime with the Cormier’s in SINGAPORE! We were just starting our day and they were ending it. Crazy! They just moved there because Chris’s brother-in-law got a promotion. You can follow them at their blog!

We were off to run some errands!

I did some major crafting for Christmas… more about that later!

And…. yes…. we already got out our Christmas decorations! We bought a new tree this year and I love it! We decided to set-up the inside stuff this weekend since I will be busy with work this week and next weekend.

Well Kyler was feeling better today so hopefully we keep up with this trend! I hate when she is sick! I always wish there was more I could do. The only plus side (can I even say that?) is that she just wants to cuddle and hug on me. She is always going a million miles per hour so she doesn’t really snuggle up anymore. I know it’s selfish, but I love it (but not enough to wish she was sick!).

Hope everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 41 weeks!

11 Nov

Yep. 41 weeks…. that means we are another week closer to her birthday. I am not wishing the weeks away by any means but I have had to start really getting serious on Kyler’s birthday plans. I bought some materials this week to start making some things for the party so I feel a little better about that. That means I will be crafting away after she goes to bed from time to time. If it’s not one project it’s the next right?

I am also designing a play kitchen along with Chris and my dad for Kyler’s birthday. I had some specific in mind and couldn’t find anything I was over the moon about so I talked to my dad and home-made it is! He will build it and Chris and I finish all of the details. I think we have a pretty good plan so I am eager to see how it turns out!



Kyler came with us to vote!


No picture 😦


She is becoming such a big girl!


Saying hi to Mommy while I was at work!


We got some Christmas shopping done for Kyler before I went into work on Saturday. Kyler had fun with this in the store!


Today was a nice and easy day for us. We ran some errands and had some fun!

It was a pretty uneventful week, just how we like it! I am excited to get started on her birthday party decor this week! Will keep you posted! Have a great rest of the Sunday!

Our Bright and Fun Playroom: The Details

8 Nov

Now that you have been introduced to the playroom, time to go over some items in the room!


Check-Out the play kitchen we designed and made for the playroom too!

ThisGreyHouse DIY Play Kitchen

Bookcase, Storage Benches, and Library Cart:

I love looking on and fell in love with a bookcase they sell but at $800 bucks for 2, it was time to call my daddy-o up and bat my eyes one more time (He had been looking for a wood project to do and it’s for his granddaughter so it didn’t take much convincing). He found a fabulous website ( that had the exact plans of the bookcase so you could make it yourself and it worked out great!  He made it 6 inches taller to gain some more space and made some storage benches for the sides. They look great together!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

In progress 🙂

That website also had plans for a library cart so Kyler got one of those too 🙂

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


TV Stand:

Chris decided to make this after a trip to Ikea. I had something specific in mind and the cheapest I could find it was for $350 and we knew he could make it for less! I told him what I wanted and he sketched it out and wala! We have a TV stand 🙂

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


Chalk Table:

We had an old coffee table we really weren’t using and the finish was coming off so we decided to refinish it. I loved this table from the Land of Nod (shocker) and took my friend’s suggestion to make it a chalk table instead. We sanded it down, painted it red, and now we have a fun play table!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

This is what our garage looked like for a few weeks:

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


I loved the idea of putting poufs around the chalk table but at $80-$150 a pop I knew there was no way. So of course in my mind I said “I can make those” and off I was scowering the interent for ideas and plans. Thanks to this awesome post, I modified the pattern to make them smaller and I was on my way. One problem, I didn’t even know how to use a sewing machine! Mom showed me how to thread it and I was on my way. They take a ton of stuffing, 5 lbs each to be exact, but they are so much fun!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Cutting out my pieces!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Window Cornices:

I knew I wanted to make these instantly! I found some awesome fabric online, had my pops whip up 2 window cornices for me and I had them done in a night! Easy as can be and makes a great impact in the room!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Putting them together!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Crayon Art:

This is so much fun to make!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Buy a canvas and a bunch of crayons. Lay your crayons out in whatever order you want. Hot glue the crayons on the canvas.

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Get your blow dryer and dry from the top! They start melting pretty fast but note: it can be messy! Make sure you have your floors and wall protected around it.

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Super simple! It dries super fast and you have a fun new piece of art!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

We created 5 areas in her playroom:


This is the “art” corner of the playroom! These lines from Ikea are great for hanging art! We also bought the little hanging storage bins from there as well.

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


Kyler’s cousins, Parks and Emma, were so kind to give Kyler this little chair! My Aunt Bunny had this little blue chair at her house for them when they were little but Emma said it was okay that Kyler use it for a while. I love the forward facing book shelves (home-made with scrap wood in the garage)! They instant add decor to the room but also serve a purpose!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


There isn’t much in this space yet but this is where her play kitchen will go! I loved my play kitchen growing up and I hope she will love hers!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


Here is the play kitchen in the space!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


I know it’s obvious but this is where all her toys go!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


The World Map is the last “area” of the room. I love traveling and learning about other areas of the world and I hope she will share the same interest.

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Hope everyone enjoys it! Let me know if you have any questions!

Room List:

  • Orange Paint: Autumn Glaze, Valspar
  • Large Map: Lulukuku Designs on Etsy
  • Red paint for table: La Fonda Fireberry, Valspar
  • Fabric for windows: Rainbow Chevron by Riley Blake
  • Fabric for poufs/pillows: Gotcha print by Premier Prints in: Corn Yellow, Chartreuse, Candy Purple, Girly Blue
  • Fabric for benches: Corn Yellow by Premier Prints
  • Fabric for small striped pillows: Bungalow by Michael Miller
  • Rug: Lusy Blom, Ikea
  • Storage for benches: Branas, Ikea
  • Storage on bookshelf: Y Weave, Target
  • Playroom Rules: Free printable!
  • Clock: Target
  • Red Frame, Orange Chevron Frame, Rainbow Frame: Hobby Lobby
  • Painted storage blocks: Hobby Lobby
  • Trains: Hobby Lobby
  • Easel: Ikea
  • Table and chairs: Bright Nantucket set by Kid Kraft

A playroom for Kyler

4 Nov

I am happy to introduce Kyler’s new playroom!

We have been hard at work on this project for the past few months and it’s finally done! Kyler may be little but her toys were starting to take up a lot of room so we decided it was time to convert the upstairs loft into a playroom for her.

When we moved in, it was a big blank room.

We weren’t sure what to do with it so we threw all of our old family room furniture and decor in there. It looked good but we never used it!

When I pictured a kid’s playroom I immediately thought of bright, fun colors and lots of em’! I started looking around for ideas online and found a lot of great things. A friend recommended that I do one of those melted crayon art pieces that are all over Pinterest and I thought it would be fun and perfect for her room! It all started from there!

The room is definitely more suited for an older child but I wanted to create a space that she could grow into and use for many years to come.

Thank you so much to everyone that helped me with this (Mom, Kendra, Jenny) but mainly to my talented hubby Chris and my talented dad! They did a great job making the furniture!

Well, what do you think?

Weekend Update with Kyler: 40 weeks!

4 Nov

Welcome to the new site! I FINALLY named the blog and I swear it may have been the hardest thing I have done in a long time. I wanted it to be about us, the house, Kyler, life, etc and some how landed on “This Grey House”. Is it the most riveting blog name ever? Well, no but it centers around our house and what happens in and around our house, our family!

I had to look at the calendar this week to see how many weeks old Kyler is. I can’t keep up! It is somehow November already… yes…. NOVEMBER! Ah! That means I am officially in Christmas mode. Yep, I said it. Christmas music was playing at the store and I loved every minute of it. I love Christmas in general but it just feels so much more special this year seeing that it will be Kyler’s first Christmas. I know she won’t really know what is going on but I will and I want it to be perfect for her!

Back to the weekly update….

Kyler has 2 teeth! They are no longer little white bumps but you can actually see all the grooves! I imagine they will be all the way out by the end of the week. I know she is a little late to the party but no biggie because they are here!


The weather has been AMAZING… I mean AMAZING!!!!! in Florida this week. We are finally getting some use out of Chris’s fire pit 🙂


Pretty typical night playing with Kyler. My favorite thing to do!


Kyler had a great first Halloween!



I worked on Friday but this was my “Goodnight Mommy” photo ❤

I came home from work Friday night (Opening night and the Magic one- woo hoo!) to a clean house, flowers, and a present! I am one lucky lady ❤

The flowers and card from Kyler:

I thought that was it (of course) but when I finally went upstairs, there were more flowers, a card from Chris and a present waiting for me! My hubby is so great! I love you, Chris!


What a day… what a weekend! We headed out to the stores and got home early Christmas shopping done (I am hunting down the deals and buying little by little so it doesn’t hurt our pocket at once). The Gilbertson’s stopped by and the girls got to hang out for a little bit. After they left, we walked Kyler up to the park for a little fun!


Just like Maggie!


Today was our lazy day. We hung around the house, Kyler napped, Kyler played, we cleaned up a bit, went to the grocery store…. pretty typical Sunday and it was great.

Kyler is a pro with a straw now!

She is so happy! I am so blessed to have such a happy little girl.

I had such a nice and relaxing weekend with my family. Just what I needed ❤ Kyler, you make us smile every time we think about you and we love you more than you know!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend as well! Next post: The Playroom!

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