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Weekend Update with Kyler: 41 weeks!

11 Nov

Yep. 41 weeks…. that means we are another week closer to her birthday. I am not wishing the weeks away by any means but I have had to start really getting serious on Kyler’s birthday plans. I bought some materials this week to start making some things for the party so I feel a little better about that. That means I will be crafting away after she goes to bed from time to time. If it’s not one project it’s the next right?

I am also designing a play kitchen along with Chris and my dad for Kyler’s birthday. I had some specific in mind and couldn’t find anything I was over the moon about so I talked to my dad and home-made it is! He will build it and Chris and I finish all of the details. I think we have a pretty good plan so I am eager to see how it turns out!



Kyler came with us to vote!


No picture 😦


She is becoming such a big girl!


Saying hi to Mommy while I was at work!


We got some Christmas shopping done for Kyler before I went into work on Saturday. Kyler had fun with this in the store!


Today was a nice and easy day for us. We ran some errands and had some fun!

It was a pretty uneventful week, just how we like it! I am excited to get started on her birthday party decor this week! Will keep you posted! Have a great rest of the Sunday!

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