Weekend Update with Kyler: 42 Weeks

18 Nov

Well this one is going to be short and sweet and mostly pictures 🙂 Poor Kyler caught a cold this week and I took her to the doctor. Turns out, she caught strep throat! Poor thing 😦 She was finally somewhat back to normal today although she was crankier than usual. I don’t blame her!


With Kyler exploring more and more, she is starting to get more and more bumps and bruises. She got a nice boo-boo at school that day!


I did some crafting!


Kyler has learned to give high-fives!

I got a call from daycare earlier that day saying Kyler was running a low fever and not acting like herself. Chris went to pick her up but we just chalked it up to teething.


Well, it was not teething. Kyler had a pretty high temp and was not in a good mood at all. I stayed home from work and took care of my little girl.

This was our only play time for the day 😦

I know she is really sick when she cuddles up on me. We cuddled in bed and watched TV for most of the day before I took her to the doctor. Her temp was 103.3 and Advil wasn’t putting a dent in it so we went in. I am so glad we did because the doctor did a strep test and turns out she had it! She was put on antibiotics and we were sent on our way.


Kyler was supposed to go to school but she went over to Grandma’s house instead. Afterwards, she had some nice QT time with Mommy and Daddy. Not too much smiling for this one.

The soon to be Emery’s came over for dinner Friday night! So nice to catch up with them!


We stayed pretty close to home on Saturday. Chris re-did the turtle tank! New rocks, new basking area, new plants, and new fish! Normally the turtles eat the fish within the matter of a couple of hours but they all seem to be here as of today. We will see!

Messy eater!


We started off the day with FaceTime with the Cormier’s in SINGAPORE! We were just starting our day and they were ending it. Crazy! They just moved there because Chris’s brother-in-law got a promotion. You can follow them at their blog!

We were off to run some errands!

I did some major crafting for Christmas… more about that later!

And…. yes…. we already got out our Christmas decorations! We bought a new tree this year and I love it! We decided to set-up the inside stuff this weekend since I will be busy with work this week and next weekend.

Well Kyler was feeling better today so hopefully we keep up with this trend! I hate when she is sick! I always wish there was more I could do. The only plus side (can I even say that?) is that she just wants to cuddle and hug on me. She is always going a million miles per hour so she doesn’t really snuggle up anymore. I know it’s selfish, but I love it (but not enough to wish she was sick!).

Hope everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving!

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