Weekend Update with Kyler: 43 Weeks

26 Nov

43 weeks means one week closer to the big O-N-E. I didn’t post last night because I worked last so I pushed it off until today 🙂


This isn’t the most riveting video but it shows her curiosity for her toys 🙂

Remember last week when I posted a picture of Kyler staring at the mirror? Well here is a video to show her in action.


Kyler LOVES books (which is great because Chris and I really don’t read as much as we should…. okay we really don’t read much at all).


Our good friends, The Gilbertson’s, moved 5 houses down from us on Wednesday! Kyler and Chris went over to see how things were going while I was working the Magic game. Kyler helped Kenley unpack 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving! We started the morning off by picking up my father-in-law at the airport and then went back to Merritt Island to have Thanksgiving dinner. The day flew by and before I knew it, it was over 😦


We had a Magic game on Friday so I worked all day. Chris finally sent me a picture of Kyler (I was so excited) and this is what I get. Thanks Chris 😦


Kyler and I went shopping for a bit and “helped” Chris and Hal put Christmas lights on the house.

Whatcha doing?

Checking out the reindeer.

She also had some fun while I crafted.


I had another Magic game but Kyler came to visit me 🙂 It’s her second Magic game and I think she enjoyed it!

I am so excited that we are in the Christmas season! We are done shopping for Kyler already (Go us!) and I got some things for Chris already. Hopefully no last minute shopping for this lady! I am planning on getting a lot done this weekend because there are no events at work! Woo-hoo!

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