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10 Months: Double Digits

27 Nov

Kyler Nicole is 10 months old. We are in the double digits people. She continues to amaze us and make us laugh. She is definitely turning out to be quite the little ham.

So here’s an update from last month:

  • Cruising- She has really picked this up. She now walks around all her toys and furniture and is getting a lot braver. Sometimes she will walk around while holding onto one hand and is very proud of herself when she stands up on her own.
  • Eating- She is a champ in this department. Yes, my child! 4 months ago the kid wouldn’t eat a thing but now she is pretty good at eating. We are trying to push more finger foods and get her off the purees. She LOVES yogurt. That is our go to food when she is in a mood and doesn’t want to eat.
  • Playing-  She is starting to copy us. If I pretend to cough, she coughs. She thinks it’s a fun game. She also has started saying Ho Ho Ho after we say it as well. I can tell she really gets things now. When we see an animal, I always ask what that animal says. She gives me this smile and look as if she is waiting at the edge of her seat for me to say it. She gives high-fives and thinks it’s so funny to be tickled.
  • Waving- She waves hi and bye and actually knows what it means. It is so cute when I say “Bye Kyler” she waves back.
  • Sippy- Still doing very well on the sippy. I think we may retire the bottle sometime this month. I am kind of hoping that will help the next stage which is getting rid of the pacifier. YIKES!
  • BUSY!-  This one is busy, busy, busy. She is very independent when she wants to be and never likes to sit still. She is a very determined little girl. If she wants to do something, there is no stopping her!

Kyler normally lets me take a few photos before ripping off her sticker but not this time! She went right for it!

She was very interested in what I was doing.

So I let her help.

Oh those eyes ❤

These past 10 months have flown by but at the same time, it’s hard to think back of what she was like when she was just an itty bitty thing. We are trying to cherish every moment with her as I know time will fly by (it already has!).


Kyler-bug, you are something else! We love you! ❤

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