Weekend Update with Kyler: 44 Weeks

2 Dec

Happy December everybody!

We had a good and busy week. I was pretty busy at work this week and we have been on the go all weekend! It really has been the best weekend. I work a lot of hours with my job especially in-season so when I have a whole weekend off, I cherish all the time I get with Chris and Kyler.

Speaking of on the go…. that is what Kyler has been up to. She is SO close to taking her first steps. I know it! Every day she gets more and more brave and you can tell she just wants to walk. She is letting go more often and wants to hold our hands and walk rather than be carried. I wouldn’t be surprised if her first step is the topic of the next Weekend Update or two.


Kyler turned 10 months old on Monday! Oh my, 2 more months!


Kyler playing at Grandma’s house… with what… I have no idea.



Chris and I cooked a yummy dinner and watched a movie after Kyler went to sleep. This is how we watch our movies now a days. Not much opportunity to get out to the theater but that is okay! I prefer sweats and my couch over a movie chair!


We went over to hang with The Gilbertson’s. Kendra was helping Kyler push around the laundry basket.


Kenley and I watched 🙂


Friends ❤



I had a game Friday night so Kyler had some Dad time!




We went to the mall Saturday morning to do some shopping and get pictures with Santa. Kyler did well walking the fence in line.



The Santa meeting did not go well. We waited in line for 2 hours (crazy), it was lunch time, nap time and Kyler fell down and bumped her face (and since she was tired and hungry- it was the end of the world). I got her to calm down and it was our turn about 10 minutes later. I handed her off to Santa and Oh. Dear. God. She FLIPPED. I was called over and sat down and grabbed her. She was still freaking out but somehow the kid wranglers had her focused and ready to go. Santa was great too! True professionals. I was so shocked that we actually got some good shots!





After Santa, we went to the food court and ordered Kyler’s first menu item! Cheese quesadilla from Chiptole! Kyler approved.


We stopped into Build-A-Bear and built Kyler Rudolph and Clarisse. She is obsessed with them, especially Clarisse.


My big girl wants to walk so badly.



Today we took Bug to the zoo for the first time. The Brevard Zoo is such a nice and clean zoo!


Feeding the deer.


Looking at the Jaguars!


I want to walk Dad!


Lunch time!


Sleepy Rhinos.


Kyler fell asleep before we got to the Giraffes. Next time!



Just chillin’


We got back to Orlando and ran some errands. After dinner, we went down to the Gilbertson’s to play. So nice having them 5 doors down!

Just snacking on a cracker.


Hey, this is fun!


Uh oh! The box broke and down went the girls. Thankfully is broke somewhat slowly so the girls didn’t bonk their heads but Kyler was tired so it was a big deal. Didn’t even phase Kenley!


Well I am off to watch a Christmas movie. We are thinking Elf. This week I am starting something called “A Pinterest Christmas” with a bunch of other girls and I can’t wait to share what we came up with! Details to come 🙂

Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?

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