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Weekend Update with Kyler: 46 Weeks

16 Dec

46 Weeks…am I allowed to have a count down clock already? This week was pretty much like last week: Christmas shopping and birthday planning.


Kyler has a good time playing ball with us now. She thinks it’s hilarious.

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She’s a messy eater! She had it in her hair, all over arms and face, and of course thought that was a good time. She did love her pasta though!

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Night of filling out Christmas Cards….

xmas card


She’s a goof ball.


Kyler saying hi to me while I worked.


She has been skipping her afternoon naps which turns into passing out before her bottle is ready with the light on.



Reminder: Do not go to the mall around the holidays. Online shopping is much better.

Yes, I braved the crowd and got extremely annoyed. We really didn’t get much and were gone all day. So yes, online shopping only left for me!


Today was a day of cleaning up the house and getting things done! The girls got baths because 1) they needed it…. bad and 2) Ammo is getting groomed tomorrow.


We took an afternoon walk over to the Gilbertson’s to see how their “early Christmas” went over in Sarasota. Kyler and Kenley took a cruise around the block in Kenley’s new wagon. Although their faces may say otherwise, they really did like it.


Chris and I had big plans to make Christmas cookies tonight but I think I may push that off until tomorrow now…. Relaxing on the couch sounds much better 🙂

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