11 Months!

26 Dec

My baby girl is 11 months old. This makes me happy and sad all at the same time. Next monthly update I write will be her One Year Old update. I may just tear up now thinking about it. Well in the spirit of keeping up with Kyler, here is an update from last month:


  • Cruising- Still not walking on her own but she has taken little half steps here and there and will walk only holding onto one hand, the wall, etc. I know for a fact she can walk by herself but this girl hates falling or making a “boo-boo” so she is pretty cautious with herself.
  • Eating- I am happy to announce that I was pretty successful in the progress since last month. We don’t eat any puree’s now and eat all big people things! She has gotten bad about feeding the dogs though :/ When we are looking, she is pretty good about eating but as soon as we turn our backs, she starts feeding the dogs. She knows what she is doing too so she tries to be sneaky about it.
  • Playing-  She has picked up more games where I can tell her memory is really at work. It’s really fun when she prompts you to play something that you played the week prior.
  • Sippy- Need to step up my game here. I know this will come this week, however, because we are going to start slowing weaning her to whole milk this week. (Doing happy dance).
  • BUSY!-  Yep…. she is even into more things than she was last week. Let’s just say we are now going to be installing child proof latches on our cabinets 🙂
  • Night Time– We just started putting a blanket over her the past few nights when it got pretty cold her and she really seems to like it! Maybe, just maybe, it will be calming enough to get rid of the paci’s??? 🙂
  • Laughing– She is laughing all the time! She thinks everything is so funny and will just crack herself up.
  • Dancing– She is a dancing machine! Music comes on and Kyler starts moving!

IMG_0047 IMG_0060 IMG_0059 IMG_0079

She is such a fun and happy little girl! She is just so sweet too. Definitely turning into a little ham, that is for sure! One more month until the big O-N-E!

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