Weekend Update with Kyler: 48 Weeks

30 Dec

What a week. It was a nice fun filled holiday week for us and a lot of QT with my Bug. Kyler is 48 weeks old this past Thursday which means I am another week closer to her birthday. I made a lot of good strides with the party this week so I am feeling slightly better. Slightly. 

I forgot to mention that I received an awesome Christmas gift in a brand new Canon Rebel DSLR Camera! I am determined to learn all the different functions and shoot on manual versus auto. I am already loving it and it takes such nice pictures!


Christmas Eve was spent at home with Kyler. She “helped” me get the house in order. By helping I mean taking everything out of the cabinets and crawling every which way causing me to stop what I was doing and chase after her.


Later that night, my parents came over for dinner and Poppa read Kyler a Christmas book before bed.

IMG_0564 IMG_0566


Merry Christmas!!



Kyler was 11 months old on Wednesday!



I took off work and stayed home with Kyler. We took a couple of walks; one with her trike and another with her wagon.

528639_10101673374421092_1847395617_n 423264_10101680934236162_1879721160_n

My other kiddos!

IMG_0113 IMG_0112 IMG_0109


Pretty much did the same thing as Thursday!

Apparently she thinks puzzle pieces are like pacifiers. Sigh.


She is looking for something…..


Found it!


Kenley was out for a walk in her wagon so Kyler came out to say hi.


Kenley is too funny.



As soon as Kyler wakes up , she is ready to play!


I had to go to work… so hard to leave this face!


Kyler and Chris headed to Lowes.


And Skyped with Grandpa and Nana. She loves to wave and say hi.



We played, took Christmas down (sad), and ran a few errands.


She loves her baby doll!



After K went down, we started rearranging the office to add a craft area! Still have quite a bit more to do!


Well the holiday week continues. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, what is everyone’s plans? I will spend my day at the arena. We play the Heat tomorrow but it’s a 5pm game so I will be home early. No big plans for NYE but that’s okay 🙂

I am hoping Tuesday will be a day of organizing and birthday planning!


Have a great New Year’s!

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