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DIY Play Kitchen

30 Jan

After a long couple of months (mainly more for my dad), the play kitchen is now open!



Let’s start with the beginning. I knew I wanted a kitchen for Kyler because I LOVED mine as a kid but I wasn’t finding the exact color scheme I wanted. I saw this corner kitchen from Kid Kraft and loved the green but I simply did not have room for it.


The more I searched and searched the internet, the more DIY kitchens I came across. I called Daddy-O up and asked if he wanted a new project. His response was “Sure, I am always looking for a project.” I whipped something up on CAD and sent it his way. This was in mid November and my only goal was to have it done by her birthday as this was going to be her “big” gift.

This is my first draft.


I wasn’t in love with it so I tweaked a few things and ended up with this:


I would like to think of myself as the Architect/Designer, Chris as the Engineer (he put everything to scale for me and made my CAD drawing actually work), and my dad as the General Contractor. The three of us tackled the playroom and we were going to tackle the play kitchen next.

After a good month of sitting on the project, my dad got to work. Within a few days he had this… amazing right?


One Sunday, Chris and I headed over and did the first round of paint.


Later that week…


Add some tile back splash and finish it up and ta-da! I can’t get over how talented my dad is. Everything is top-notch and just looks amazing.

Couple of answers to some questions you may have:

  • Yes, that is stainless steel. It is a contact paper and actually has the brush strokes in it like a real fridge.
  • The fridge is magnetic.
  • We used a dog bowl as a sink and found a cheap bar facet.
  • Yes, that is real tile back splash.
  • The hood is made out of metal. One of the perks of your dad owning an Air Conditioning business and sheet metal shop 🙂
  • The lime green paint is called Japanese Fern by Behr.
  • I made the microwave “buttons” on the computer and printed them out on computer paper. I then used Mod Podge to glue and seal them on!
  • And although it was DIY, it was not cheap (thanks Dad!).


I have gotten a lot of questions about the dimensions of this kitchen. See below!

  • Total Length: 55″
  • Height of the fridge: 36.5″
  • Max Height: 40.5″
  • Height of Countertop: 20″
  • Depth: 13″

Kyler’s birthday rolled around and we gave her the new kitchen! She loved it!

IMG_5574 IMG_5599 IMG_5614

Since then, we have added all of the fun play food and accessories she got for her birthday! It makes a great addition to her playroom and I hope she likes it for years to come! A HUGE thank you to my Dad (and Mom) for helping and taking the lead on the kitchen.








Kyler’s Nautical First Birthday Party

28 Jan

For sweet Kyler’s first birthday, we decided to make her birthday party a nautical theme complete with anchors, whales, stripes, pink and navy! I started working on making things for her party well in advance so I didn’t have to stress out and stay up night after night working on her birthday party…. yeah…. I still did that. Not sure where I went wrong or perhaps I kept adding to my already long list of to-do’s but I felt like a Christmas Elf on Christmas Eve for the last month now. The day before the party I told my mom that next year we are going to Disney for her birthday. I am half-joking, half serious.

For those of you that don’t know me or my background, I am in the event industry so event and party planning come natural to me and I LOVE to do it. Anytime I can wrap my head around an idea, theme, or project, I tend to go all out (money hindering of course 🙂 ). I ended up making 80% of her decor items so that can be cumbersome. I made the invitations, thank you cards, monthly photo cards, menu cards, other signs around the house, birthday bunting as well as all of the other bunting, ONE letters and KJ letters, and painted all sorts of anchors and whales.

Invites and Thank You cards:

The party came out great and I think Kyler had a great time. Thank you to EVERYONE that helped me with this party 🙂 Pictures are below 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions!

Outside decor:


Foyer & Thank You pails for the kiddos.


Kitchen area & Monthly Photos:


Dessert, yum!


Push-Pop cupcakes and cake!

cake collage

Kyler’s First Birthday Cake!


Cake Eating Chair!


Food set-up:



Drink Display:


Family room aka party spot!


My First and My First Holiday photos:



Looking into the backyard:


Now the fun begins…. cake time!



She LOVED the cake ❤


She ate more than I thought she would!

cake collage3

Time to clean up!


The Birthday Girl!


Talking to her cousins in North Carolina on FaceTime.


My love.


Kyler and her cousin Cole. 


Grandpa helping Kyler with her new car.


Opening up gifts.


Cruising along with her new ATV from Grandma and Poppa.


It was a GREAT party and we are so blessed to have such great friends and family that love her to come celebrate her birthday with us! I think Kyler had a great time but the poor girl was tuckered out afterwards.



Well Kyler Nicole, we hope you had the best first birthday a girl could have. We love you so much and are so lucky to be your Mom and Dad ❤

Weekend Update with Kyler: 52 Weeks!

28 Jan

We made it to 52 weeks!!!!! This is going to be extremely short since the week was all about preparing for her first birthday! What will happen to “Weekend Updates with Kyler” you may be asking? Well I am not so sure…. I think they may turn into Weekend Update with the Jenkinson’s and will most likely not include a photo a day but we will see 🙂

IMG_0345 IMG_0351

Grocery shopping for the party!!!


We had extra cake from the push pops so impromptu cake smash session!


These photos pretty much take us through the week. I will be posting about her birthday party shortly!

Happy Birthday Kyler Nicole!

26 Jan

One Year Old. My precious little baby girl is one year old already. This past year has been by far the BEST year of my life and I think I can say the same for Chris. She has changed our lives in so many ways. I always knew I wanted to be a mom but I didn’t realize just how much I would love being a mom until Kyler Nicole was born one year ago. She really puts things in prospective for me. When things get tough I think about her and the family Chris and I have created and I instantly feel blessed and better. It is been so amazing to see how much she has changed in a year and I look forward to this next stage in her life.

IMG_0427-001  IMG_0382-1 IMG_0388-1 IMG_0392 IMG_0403-1 IMG_0416-2 IMG_0423-001 IMG_0429 IMG_0432

Kyler Nicole- We love you SO much that words cannot express in the slightest. You are such a blessing and Daddy and I are so lucky to have you as our daughter. Happy First Birthday, Bug. Have a blast today and remember, we love you!



Weekend Update with Kyler: 51 Weeks

21 Jan

I know today is Monday but it marks the end of my weekend thus why you are getting the update today 🙂 We had a busy week in the Jenkinson household and I don’t expect this week to be any different. I just got back from my cruise this morning and I am trying to refocus back to the task at hand: Kyler’s birthday!


Pretty usual day/night for us.



She looks like such a big girl here. She loves sitting at the table.


FaceTiming with Grandma.


Taking a few steps 🙂


Apartment Therapy posted my playroom on their website. Thank you!


She is getting more and more comfortable letting go and standing all by herself!




Dinner time with Bug 🙂

IMG_0318 IMG_0319

Kyler likes to blow kisses now but for some reason, she has been putting her hands on her ears rather her mouth to blow us a kiss.


That turned into this 🙂

IMG_0323 IMG_0324


I left for Marisa’s Bachelorette Cruise! Chris was officially on double duty!


The girls!


The beautiful Bride-to-Be<3



Pure joy 🙂


While we were in Nassau on Saturday, Chris and Kyler were having some fun eating yogurt with The Gilbertson’s!


Such a ham!


I was able to chat with them when I got back to the ship. It was so hard to not only be away from her but not be able to talk to them either.



More playroom fun.


Chris and Kyler headed down to watch some football. Kyler and Kenley love each other.


Meanwhile, we were in CocoKay soaking up some sun!



I had a great time on the cruise and it was nice to get away and just have fun with some friends. It was hard to be away from Chris and Kyler but I think I needed some time to let loose and relax. Chris did great of course and got a lot of things done too. Very hard to do when you have a very busy little girl to watch 🙂 I have a lot to do this week but I am looking forward to it. My beautiful little girl turns One in 5 days.

Thank You Apartment Therapy!

15 Jan

Thank you to Apartment Therapy for posting about Kyler’s playroom! You can view the details here 🙂

Also, check back in 2 weeks and we will be updating the post showing Kyler’s new kitchen. We decided to design and build one ourselves and I am excited to share it with you!

Visit the Apartment Therapy post here!


Weekend Update with Kyler: 50 Weeks

13 Jan

Was it just me or did this week drag on? It may that I have a million things on mind and I have a lot to look forward to these next 2 weeks:

I leave for a girls cruise on Friday! One of my bestest of friends is getting married in April and we are headed to the Bahamas on a cruise this weekend! This means I am giving you full warning that the Weekend Update will be coming on Monday instead.

And of course Bug’s First Birthday! I am literally exhausted of crafting and can’t wait to take a break in February.

In other news…. Kyler is transitioning into the small toddler class at school called “Rollie Pollies”. She won’t be over there until January 28th but they started giving her school lunches to get used to it. Of  course new food didn’t phase Kyler and she ate it right up! It’s crazy to think back just a few short months ago when Kyler HATED food. Hated, hated, hated. Now, she is such a good eater and the daycare girls always tell me how sweet she is and how she is so good at feeding time.

I will talk more about the new things this class has to offer in Kyler’s 1  year update.


Chris went over to Tampa with some of the guys to watch WWE Raw so Kyler and I went over to hang out with Kenley and Kendra for a little bit.




Someone asked me the other day if Kyler uses her playroom a lot…. DEFINITELY!


Playing chase!


Trying to cheat and go the shorter way….


Then she noticed Mickey Mouse on the TV and all games stopped.


Trying to get a closer view.


My little ham


or Princess Warrior I guess.



Could she be any cuter???



This girl LOVES her books. To be honest, not really where she gets it from (maybe Grandpa?) but we are very much okay with it! I love to just sit back and watch her… she will go over, pick out a book, sit down and start flipping through the pages.

IMG_0266 IMG_0267 IMG_0270


Always hanging onto her baby.

IMG_0274 IMG_0277 IMG_0283

Another thing Kyler loves… herself. Yep, my daughter loves to stare in the ole mirror. She loves looking at pictures of herself too. In this case, she likes to look very closely.


Bath time!



The Circus was in town (no seriously, the circus was really in town) and I had to work until mid afternoon. Kyler and Chris went for a bike ride.


They ran in Greg and Kenley who were going for a run and decided to go up to the local yogurt shop.  When Chris sent me this picture, I didn’t even notice Little Kyler on the right. I just thought he was sending me a picture of The Gilbertson’s saying “Hey, look who we ran into.” Not until now when I uploaded it did I see Kyler sitting there. I am not so sure how I feel about this (Greg, I know you had it covered) but I guess this is what happens when Dad watches ya!


After work and running a few errands, I met them for dinner. Chris brought a book for her and she insisted that I read it to her.



Today was a day of getting things done (well sort of). As much as I have been going and going today, I look around and still feel like I have a lot to do. The crafting and preparing portion is almost over but now it’s time for clean-up.


She loves to smash her face up against the drum…. and my face. She is not gentle about this though and you have to be careful she doesn’t knock you out.


This past Spring, we planted a lot of new things one which included a Tababuia tree. I noticed the other day all of the leaves fell off and these really pretty pink flowers replaced it! Gotta love Florida in January 🙂

IMG_0296 IMG_0302 IMG_0303

Meanwhile, inside, Kyler decided to help with the messiness of the house….why NOT take everything out just for fun right?? (note to self: rip off the 10 month paper).


We also cheered on Daddy’s Patriots (who picked up a W). She picked up “Touchdown!” very quickly.


That is it for now! I will have some fun posts for you in the next weeks (birthday party, Kyler’s birthday present, craft room to name a few) but for now, I am calling it quits for the night 🙂

Have a good week!

2013: A New Year

12 Jan

As we are already 2 weeks into 2013, I started thinking about this blog and what I want to accomplish once Kyler turns 1. I started this to write about her and what she is up to mainly. I will definitely continue to do that, however, I do want to add more home projects, DIY type things, and anything else that pops up along the way. I have really enjoyed sinking my teeth into my little projects (Playroom and Kyler’s birthday) to name a few and hopefully I can find time and inspiration to tackle a few more this year!

I would also love to start a few other things on the personal front and the 2 biggest things that pop into my mind are my fitness and my marriage.

I don’t know how I am going to find time  but I have to try to find some to start working out again. I love how I feel when I am healthy and strong and right now I am no where close. I have been blessed that I lost all of my baby weight (and then some) but now it’s time to tone up and get stronger! If I put it out there to the world-wide web then maybe, just maybe, I will find some motivation. Wish me luck 🙂

Now that Kyler is a little older and into a little routine, Chris and I really need to refocus on each other. I am not talking about extravagant dates that cost lots of money but just more time focusing on us. For starters, I really need to find a baby-sitter! And I really need to learn how to divide my time up when I have somthing in the chute. Anyone that knows me knows how obessive and OCD I get when I start working on a project and it will literally be all I can think about. This leads to many nights of Chris watching TV and me crafting away or scouring the internet trying to find ideas or things I can tack on to my “plan”. I need to learn when to quit or stop and when enough is enough (this may be the hardest 🙂 ).


Anyone got some things they are working on for this year?

Weekend Update with Kyler: 49 Weeks

6 Jan

49 weeks! Eek! We are inching closer to 52 weeks people.

I have been a busy busy little lady this past week (well really since Kyler’s been born but who is keeping track). I am rushing around to get everything in order for Kyler’s birthday (warning: yes I am one of those people that will be doing it big (not like petting zoo big) for my kiddo’s first birthday). I spent the last day and half working on her birthday present with my dad and Chris. Her play kitchen is coming along nicely and I can’t wait to share it with you! Just like her playroom, we are really going all out. The goal is, to have as much done as possible before I leave on a cruise (weekend before her birthday) so the week of, I am not going crazy. I can just focus on cleaning and the food.

Kyler is doing great. Still not walking which is frustrating. We know she can do it because we barely holds onto anything when she does walk but I think I have the world’s most cautious baby (who does she get that from???). She HATES to fall down and it’s the end of the world when she does. She had ridicously strong leg muscles so she will squat to sit down when she realzies she has nothing to hold onto. She is doing GREAT in the whole milk and no bottle area. She is on almost 100% whole milk (YAY!!!!!!!!!!) and no longer takes bottles. This also means that she now gets milk with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner instead of  in between snacks. She has handled the change like a champ and it hasn’t phased her one bit!

Anyways back to the Weekend Update….


Happy New Year’s Eve!!!!!

I worked until about 9pm so Chris and Kyler were on there own for a while. Yes, that is a bow. She has enough hair for a bow now. This makes me very happy!


While they were at home, I was busy at work 🙂 Nothing rings in the New Year like Sparkling Cider


Cheers from the Arena Ops crew!


Kyler and Kenley had a little sleep over! ❤ Friends.


Kyler had a little cold and woke up at 11:15pm. She would not settle down so we were home by 11:45pm, thus we celebrated at home! Happy New Year!



We spent our day off getting my new craft room in order. Mr. Fen supervised.


We took a break and took Bug on her first bike ride. The seat was Chris’s Christmas present from her. She liked it (she did not like the helmet, however).

Side note: I have heard Kyler looks tiny here which is funny because she is bigger than 90% of kids her age (that is a 2T shirt she is wearing!). It’s just that she has a giant daddy with a giant bike!



Kyler’s new favorite thing to do is be chased around the coffee table. Many times she “prompts” us to chase her and she thinks it’s the best thing ever.

My grandma made Kyler the cutest blanket for her playroom! I think she likes it.



IMG_0214 IMG_0212 IMG_0211


No photo 😦


We headed back to Merritt Island to work on her play kitchen!


Chris and I took advantage of a free baby sitter and went to dinner for a little date night! YUM YUM YUM!


Kyler’s newest cousin, Easton Wallace Finney was born on Saturday! Welcome to the world little guy!

This is Easton with his proud Momma, Courtney, and Big Sister Miller. Daddy, Kevin (my cousin) must be taking the picture.



We worked on the kitchen bright and early while Kyler played.

IMG_0233 IMG_0225

Still figuring out the camera so sorry for the blurriness … if you tell her to come back, this is the smile she flashes at you before she takes off as fast as she can in the other direction.


Today was Beamer’s First Birthday! Happy birthday big boy 🙂


The day we picked him up!


I hope everyone had a great week! I am going to force myself to relax and take the night. I think I deserve it!

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