Weekend Update with Kyler: 49 Weeks

6 Jan

49 weeks! Eek! We are inching closer to 52 weeks people.

I have been a busy busy little lady this past week (well really since Kyler’s been born but who is keeping track). I am rushing around to get everything in order for Kyler’s birthday (warning: yes I am one of those people that will be doing it big (not like petting zoo big) for my kiddo’s first birthday). I spent the last day and half working on her birthday present with my dad and Chris. Her play kitchen is coming along nicely and I can’t wait to share it with you! Just like her playroom, we are really going all out. The goal is, to have as much done as possible before I leave on a cruise (weekend before her birthday) so the week of, I am not going crazy. I can just focus on cleaning and the food.

Kyler is doing great. Still not walking which is frustrating. We know she can do it because we barely holds onto anything when she does walk but I think I have the world’s most cautious baby (who does she get that from???). She HATES to fall down and it’s the end of the world when she does. She had ridicously strong leg muscles so she will squat to sit down when she realzies she has nothing to hold onto. She is doing GREAT in the whole milk and no bottle area. She is on almost 100% whole milk (YAY!!!!!!!!!!) and no longer takes bottles. This also means that she now gets milk with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner instead of  in between snacks. She has handled the change like a champ and it hasn’t phased her one bit!

Anyways back to the Weekend Update….


Happy New Year’s Eve!!!!!

I worked until about 9pm so Chris and Kyler were on there own for a while. Yes, that is a bow. She has enough hair for a bow now. This makes me very happy!


While they were at home, I was busy at work 🙂 Nothing rings in the New Year like Sparkling Cider


Cheers from the Arena Ops crew!


Kyler and Kenley had a little sleep over! ❤ Friends.


Kyler had a little cold and woke up at 11:15pm. She would not settle down so we were home by 11:45pm, thus we celebrated at home! Happy New Year!



We spent our day off getting my new craft room in order. Mr. Fen supervised.


We took a break and took Bug on her first bike ride. The seat was Chris’s Christmas present from her. She liked it (she did not like the helmet, however).

Side note: I have heard Kyler looks tiny here which is funny because she is bigger than 90% of kids her age (that is a 2T shirt she is wearing!). It’s just that she has a giant daddy with a giant bike!



Kyler’s new favorite thing to do is be chased around the coffee table. Many times she “prompts” us to chase her and she thinks it’s the best thing ever.

My grandma made Kyler the cutest blanket for her playroom! I think she likes it.



IMG_0214 IMG_0212 IMG_0211


No photo 😦


We headed back to Merritt Island to work on her play kitchen!


Chris and I took advantage of a free baby sitter and went to dinner for a little date night! YUM YUM YUM!


Kyler’s newest cousin, Easton Wallace Finney was born on Saturday! Welcome to the world little guy!

This is Easton with his proud Momma, Courtney, and Big Sister Miller. Daddy, Kevin (my cousin) must be taking the picture.



We worked on the kitchen bright and early while Kyler played.

IMG_0233 IMG_0225

Still figuring out the camera so sorry for the blurriness … if you tell her to come back, this is the smile she flashes at you before she takes off as fast as she can in the other direction.


Today was Beamer’s First Birthday! Happy birthday big boy 🙂


The day we picked him up!


I hope everyone had a great week! I am going to force myself to relax and take the night. I think I deserve it!

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