2013: A New Year

12 Jan

As we are already 2 weeks into 2013, I started thinking about this blog and what I want to accomplish once Kyler turns 1. I started this to write about her and what she is up to mainly. I will definitely continue to do that, however, I do want to add more home projects, DIY type things, and anything else that pops up along the way. I have really enjoyed sinking my teeth into my little projects (Playroom and Kyler’s birthday) to name a few and hopefully I can find time and inspiration to tackle a few more this year!

I would also love to start a few other things on the personal front and the 2 biggest things that pop into my mind are my fitness and my marriage.

I don’t know how I am going to find time  but I have to try to find some to start working out again. I love how I feel when I am healthy and strong and right now I am no where close. I have been blessed that I lost all of my baby weight (and then some) but now it’s time to tone up and get stronger! If I put it out there to the world-wide web then maybe, just maybe, I will find some motivation. Wish me luck 🙂

Now that Kyler is a little older and into a little routine, Chris and I really need to refocus on each other. I am not talking about extravagant dates that cost lots of money but just more time focusing on us. For starters, I really need to find a baby-sitter! And I really need to learn how to divide my time up when I have somthing in the chute. Anyone that knows me knows how obessive and OCD I get when I start working on a project and it will literally be all I can think about. This leads to many nights of Chris watching TV and me crafting away or scouring the internet trying to find ideas or things I can tack on to my “plan”. I need to learn when to quit or stop and when enough is enough (this may be the hardest 🙂 ).


Anyone got some things they are working on for this year?

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