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Weekend Update with Kyler: 50 Weeks

13 Jan

Was it just me or did this week drag on? It may that I have a million things on mind and I have a lot to look forward to these next 2 weeks:

I leave for a girls cruise on Friday! One of my bestest of friends is getting married in April and we are headed to the Bahamas on a cruise this weekend! This means I am giving you full warning that the Weekend Update will be coming on Monday instead.

And of course Bug’s First Birthday! I am literally exhausted of crafting and can’t wait to take a break in February.

In other news…. Kyler is transitioning into the small toddler class at school called “Rollie Pollies”. She won’t be over there until January 28th but they started giving her school lunches to get used to it. Of  course new food didn’t phase Kyler and she ate it right up! It’s crazy to think back just a few short months ago when Kyler HATED food. Hated, hated, hated. Now, she is such a good eater and the daycare girls always tell me how sweet she is and how she is so good at feeding time.

I will talk more about the new things this class has to offer in Kyler’s 1  year update.


Chris went over to Tampa with some of the guys to watch WWE Raw so Kyler and I went over to hang out with Kenley and Kendra for a little bit.




Someone asked me the other day if Kyler uses her playroom a lot…. DEFINITELY!


Playing chase!


Trying to cheat and go the shorter way….


Then she noticed Mickey Mouse on the TV and all games stopped.


Trying to get a closer view.


My little ham


or Princess Warrior I guess.



Could she be any cuter???



This girl LOVES her books. To be honest, not really where she gets it from (maybe Grandpa?) but we are very much okay with it! I love to just sit back and watch her… she will go over, pick out a book, sit down and start flipping through the pages.

IMG_0266 IMG_0267 IMG_0270


Always hanging onto her baby.

IMG_0274 IMG_0277 IMG_0283

Another thing Kyler loves… herself. Yep, my daughter loves to stare in the ole mirror. She loves looking at pictures of herself too. In this case, she likes to look very closely.


Bath time!



The Circus was in town (no seriously, the circus was really in town) and I had to work until mid afternoon. Kyler and Chris went for a bike ride.


They ran in Greg and Kenley who were going for a run and decided to go up to the local yogurt shop.  When Chris sent me this picture, I didn’t even notice Little Kyler on the right. I just thought he was sending me a picture of The Gilbertson’s saying “Hey, look who we ran into.” Not until now when I uploaded it did I see Kyler sitting there. I am not so sure how I feel about this (Greg, I know you had it covered) but I guess this is what happens when Dad watches ya!


After work and running a few errands, I met them for dinner. Chris brought a book for her and she insisted that I read it to her.



Today was a day of getting things done (well sort of). As much as I have been going and going today, I look around and still feel like I have a lot to do. The crafting and preparing portion is almost over but now it’s time for clean-up.


She loves to smash her face up against the drum…. and my face. She is not gentle about this though and you have to be careful she doesn’t knock you out.


This past Spring, we planted a lot of new things one which included a Tababuia tree. I noticed the other day all of the leaves fell off and these really pretty pink flowers replaced it! Gotta love Florida in January 🙂

IMG_0296 IMG_0302 IMG_0303

Meanwhile, inside, Kyler decided to help with the messiness of the house….why NOT take everything out just for fun right?? (note to self: rip off the 10 month paper).


We also cheered on Daddy’s Patriots (who picked up a W). She picked up “Touchdown!” very quickly.


That is it for now! I will have some fun posts for you in the next weeks (birthday party, Kyler’s birthday present, craft room to name a few) but for now, I am calling it quits for the night 🙂

Have a good week!

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