Kyler’s One Year Update

5 Feb

We are officially a “toddler” now. She is not a little baby anymore, she is now becoming a big girl and is doing big girl things. Her one year checkup was delayed a couple of weeks due to an ear infection thus why this post is a tad late.


She continues to be a happy and healthy little girl! She pretty much wears 18m pants and 24m or 2T shirts now. Crazy! Her shoe size is a 4… I really think she had a big growth spurt because she really wasn’t in 3’s long at all and she shot up and missed the 18m shirt phase too. Some fit okay but some are skin tight!

This little rugrat really gets into things (don’t most kids?). The house is now Kyler proof for the most part because she thought it was fun to take things out of the cabinets.

She has quite the little personality and truly has her favorite toys, foods, and things to do. A lot has changed since last month:

  • Walking- Yes she is walking… Well sort of. She will take 5, 6 sometimes 7 steps up to a time and will even let go of something if she sees something else she can grab onto. This is not her first mode of transportation but she is getting there. She is definitely overly cautious and I think is just a little unsure of walking because that means falling down more.
  • Eating- We are really hitting our stride this category. I am trying to introduce new things but she is such a good eater now! Better late than never 🙂 Kyler is on whole milk now (happy dance) and did really well transitioning. It didn’t phase her one bit! We were given the green light to eat everything and anything she wants. I think Peanut Butter will be coming soon. We have been trying to do family dinners that past few nights and you can tell she really enjoys that. It is just really hard because I don’t get off work until 6pm and won’t get home until 6:30pm at least. That means Chris has to make dinner and I know that will get old quick. If we can do it a few times a week, I will be happy.
  • Sippy- No more bottles! About a week after my 11 month post, we took her off completely and she was 100% fine with it. We also moved her from milk at snacks to milk 3 times a day at meals.
  • Favorites-  Kyler loves all of her toys but definitely has a few favorites. She loves her baby doll, kitchen, and books. I can’t get over how much this child loves her books. She will sit down, flip through a book and then hand it over to me with the look of “Read this to me please.”
  • School– She has moved into a new class with 1-2 year olds and that is a lot different. She sleeps on a cot now, eats at a big kid table (no more highchair) and goes out to the playground twice a day. School provides her meals and drinks so we don’t have to come with a full backpack anymore!

Her doctor’s appointment went really well. She was happy with where things were and said she was ahead of the curve for her age so keep doing whatever we are doing (always good to hear). I think she remembers that shots happen at the doctor’s because she was crying the entire time. Also doesn’t help that she is cutting at least 2 teeth right now. That brings our total up to 4. All on the bottom. The doctor did say her upper gums were swollen so maybe those are coming along.

1 year old stats:

 22lbs and 7 oz in weight putting her in the 75% percentile.

 30 3/4″ inches tall and that puts her in the 90% percentile.

That has been pretty consistent since she has been born. The doctor did a little formula using our heights and predicted Kyler to be 5’11” when she is older. Only time will tell!

I can’t believe a year has came and went. It fly by yet it’s hard to imagine life without her and the parental duties that came along with. Chris and I couldn’t be happier and look forward to this next year with her!


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