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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

17 Feb

We don’t really do it up big for Valentine’s Day but it is sweet to wake up to flowers and cupcakes from your love 🙂


Surprise dinner for Chris! Kyler joined too although she wasn’t a fan of lasagna…. crazy kid.


We switched Kyler’s car seat to forward facing this weekend. I really thought I would wait longer to flip it but her knees were bent and after a talk with the doctor…. it was time. She seemed to like it!


Kyler and Kenley testing out Kenley’s new bike trailer!


Kyler got a basketball hoop with some gift cards from her birthday. She picked it up quick 🙂


IMG_0823 IMG_0826

Such a pretty day.



Just hanging out in the backyard.


Pretty Caya.


Had another nice weekend with my little family 🙂 Did a little shopping, celebrating our friend Ryan’s 30th birthday, find out my bestie Jenn and her hubby are having a little baby boy in July, had breakfast with my long lost buddy Jordan and her BF Chris and got to spend some QT with my 2 favorite people! Life is good 🙂

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