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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons: Happy Easter!

31 Mar


First, let’s go over the week. I don’t have too many photos because Kyler started the week off sick. Then by the middle of the week, I had what Kyler had and have been dealing with that all week. Chris started feeling not so good last night so needless to say, it has been a somewhat unproductive week.  Chris and I were able to make it out to a lunch and movie date on Friday while Kyler was in daycare. We went and saw the new GI Joe movie and it was pretty good!

I just love Kyler’s new summer hat!


The week started off a little chilly for us here in Florida but it warmed up enough to make some beautiful days!


Kyler playing the piano. She seemed to pick it up pretty fast 😉

We had a great Easter today over at my parents. Kyler opened up her Easter baskets….

Then, Kyler got to have her first Easter egg hunt and she did awesome!

She found them all!

We had to go inside and open them all up!

The Easter Bunny left Kyler money!!!

More play time!

Kyler also had her first bite of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg….of course she was a fan…

Kyler and Poppa went on a golf cart ride before dinner.

After that, we had a super yummy Ham Easter Dinner made by my Momma and then had to head back to Orlando.

This was a much more laid back than last year’s Easter but that is okay. Each one will hold a special place in my heart. Easter 2012 was Kyler’s first Easter and my last Easter with my brother Craig but this Easter was so much fun hunting for Easter Eggs with Kyler. They are both equally awesome 🙂


How was your Easter weekend? Have a great week!

14 Month Update!

29 Mar

Hard to believe it’s been 2 months since her birthday party but somehow, it has! Kyler is 14 months old!!! Last month’s update was short and sweet but you got the gist.


  • Teeth- STILL only has 4 teeth (and that is only if you count the little guy coming in on the bottom). Still no top teeth 😦 How is that possible??
  • Eating- We are doing pretty well. We have better days than others, it all just depends on how picky she wants to be. We finally have her eating some solid fruits but that is in spurts too.
  • Favorites-  As I sit here and think “What are Kyler’s favorite toys?” I really can’t come up with anything! She plays with everything! She loves things that play music, cars, BOOKS!, baby dolls, wagon, etc. She is pretty content just having fun.
  • Talking- Miss Kyler is a chatter box. She is a parrot and will repeat a lot of what you say. Her favorite things to say right now are: Doggie, Thank You, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, Hi, Momma, Dadda, cracker, cookie. She tends to repeat me, however, she copies what Dad does.


She knows how to find her nose and her belly button. She loves to read, do puzzles, pretend play (for example, she picks up her play food and pretends to eat it while saying nom, nom, nom). She is the cutest thing when you say bye to her. Every morning I say “Bye Kyler, I love you” and she says “Bye” and blows me a kiss and says “Muah!” She will give me kisses on the lips now but so far she only does that for me (I am okay with that 😉 ). She is wearing mainly 2T or 24M clothes with the occasional 18M pants/shorts. Last time we were at the doctor (just this past week) she weighed almost 24 pounds!


We LOVE our Kyler Nicole and have more fun with her every day!!!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

24 Mar

I need to seriously get on the ball about blogging about other things, such as home ideas and projects, than just talking about my past week. I know, I am slacking but I will try and find some motivation in the coming weeks! I think I can, I think I can 🙂

The week was a pretty good one. Pretty normal which is fine by me. Work, some fun family time, and some relaxation time. All good things.

After dinner frozen yogurt 🙂 It’s right up the street from us so we just ride our bikes up there. Kyler is a fan 🙂


We had our annual Black Tie and Tennies Gala at work this past Saturday. Me and the Arena Ops girls, Michelle and Amanda! Nothing says classy like a radio on the hip 😉


Meanwhile, at home…..

601180_10101905693397002_1227056117_n (1)

My mom bought Kyler the Cupig from Hallmark for Valentine’s Day and she loves it. She will pick the pig up and bring it to me to play for her because she loves to dance along.

Today, we went over and spent the day with my parents. The doggies got to go swimming and Kyler got some new play toys! The weather wasn’t too great, and actually got pretty nasty but we were still able to have some fun!


IMG_1037 IMG_1040

Last year, when Kyler was just a couple of months old, my parents bought this chair set for her and it’s been in a box in the garage until she would actually be able to use it. Today is the first day we took it out and I think she likes it 🙂

PS: When we are at their house and have our dogs there too, there are 9 dogs in total, so yes, it’s a little hectic!

IMG_1045 IMG_1048 IMG_1054

Reading a magazine in Poppa’s office.


My little bird. Poor kid in a sea of dogs!!


Poor thing started getting sick this evening so we will be making a trip to the doctor’s in the A.M. Nothing worse than when your little sweetheart isn’t feeling well!


Have a great week!!!!


Happy Birthday to my brother Craig who would have been 38 years old yesterday. I love you and miss you and hope your birthday in Heaven was the best yet 🙂

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

17 Mar

Another week has passed in our household and we are still chugging along. Chris and Kyler are great. Kyler has started to act more like her old self again; happier and less crying! Maybe her teeth aren’t bothering her as much this week. For me, on the personal front, this week has been the hardest since my brother has passed. I think the reality of it all is really sinking in and I am just beginning to process everything. BUT…..I keep moving forward and going about my business because I don’t know what else to do and I really don’t have a choice. Right? Right.

Kyler was in a sleepier mode this week. Growing, perhaps? I feel like this girl is going through a spurt every other week! All a part of being a Jenkinson I guess!


Kyler still had some gift cards left from her birthday and we decided to buy some outdoor water toys to get ready to this summer! We busted them out early…. she didn’t seem too thrilled. Could be the cold water coming from the hose! Oops :/

IMG_0960 IMG_0961 IMG_0962

Chris reading to Kyler, or Kyler ready to Chris…. not sure which is which.


Come on girls, follow me!


Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


A little different than last year!


She scores!!! This makes me especially happy because this is what we bought her with the gift card her Uncle Craig gave her. I never got the chance to tell him what we ended up buying her from him but I know he would be happy with our purchase; he loved his sports and would love to know his niece does too!

IMG_0988 IMG_0991

The whole gang!


Being a goof ball!


❤ I love this girl more than I can express!


Chasing Dad around the yard!

IMG_1004 IMG_1009 IMG_1012

She got him but then he got her! She loves going upside down!


Bath time. Pretty girl!

IMG_1020 IMG_1022

It was such a beautiful weekend here in Central Florida and I am even more thrilled I had it off to spend time with my family. My parents came over for dinner tonight and it was nice to just  be together. It is funny to think back 5 years and what “fun” was on St. Patrick’s Day and then compare it to what I consider “fun” now. In my opinion, I will take hanging out with my family and my sweet little Kyler over drinking and partying any day. How was your St. Patrick’s Day? Do anything fun? Have a great week!

13.5 Month Update

14 Mar

Well I missed the boat on her 13 month update so I decided to do a quick 13.5 month update, a mini update if you will.

The biggest update from last month is we are full-out walking/running now!! That is a whole new world but I am happy we are finally there. Her balance is pretty good, I guess it just depends on how tired she is! When she is tired, she walks around like a drunken sailor, bumping into everything and rolling around on the floor. Pretty funny at times.

That also means more bumps and bruise and scratches to the face. All part of being a little kid, right?


I would say she has also become more of a picky eater this past month and half as well. Breakfast and lunch are easy but dinner can be a challenge. She doesn’t like fruit unless it’s pureed up so we are going to keep putting fruit in front of her until she starts to eat that.


She only has 3 teeth…. STILL! She is working on her 4th & 5th now, I can see the whites, but still none on her top! Poor girl.


She is turning out to be VERY independent and really likes to do her own thing. Watch out if she doesn’t like it! She will let you know 🙂


That being said, she is very sweet and very gentle! She knows she has to pet the doggies nicely and rarely tries to squeeze them. She never hits or bites or pulls hair. For the most part, she is very good with her toys and books (I say most part because she has ripped a few books) and she loves to laugh and dance!

Happy 13.5 Months Kyler!

Craig Thomas Drabyk

3 Mar

A little over a week ago, February 22nd to be exact, I received a phone call that changed my life forever; my oldest brother, Craig, passed away unexpectedly.

Craig was 11 years older than me. He was the big older brother, the protector, and larger than life personality in the family. Even though we were so far apart in age, I always felt like he and I were more alike than we both cared to mention. He would do anything for those he cared about and really anybody in need, period. Being the older brother, he would tend to think he was also wiser which I personally didn’t agree with so at times, we butted heads (what brother and sister doesn’t). We were starting to get to know each other as adults more and more but I still wish we were able to get closer than we were.

Through the tough exterior, I know he really cared for his little sister and I know he adored his niece Kyler. I think that part may be the hardest for me to come to grips with. My little girl won’t get to know her Uncle Craig. It will be my job to make sure she grows up and knows who he is and how much he loved her and I will make sure she knows that. My future children/child will not get to meet their Uncle Craig and he will not get to meet them. That is extremely hard for me to think of as well.


We had a beautiful memorial service for him on Friday and so many of his close friends and family came out to celebrate his life. It was very touching to say the least. He had so many people around him who cared for him and it reminded me how good of a person he really was.

As my family and I begin to move forward with our lives, we will never forget all of the memories we shared with him. I know for myself personally, this will take sometime to fully understand what happened. By the time we had his service, I think I was just so emotionally drained that I found myself not really all there. I think my mind keeps trying to escape and stay busy so I don’t have to think about what really happened but I know it is all a part of the grieving process.

As I was driving alone yesterday, I said to myself, out loud, Craig, please let me know you are okay. Please let me know that everything is going to be all right and that you are at peace. The next song to immediately come on the radio was Gary Allan’s “Every Storm Runs Out of Rain.” Craig loved country music. I know it could be a big coincidence but I like to think of it as a sign and him looking down on me and letting me know that eventually, things will be better.

Craig, I miss you more than words can even begin to describe. Mom and Dad are two of the strongest people I know and they will get through this. Josh and I will always be your little brother and little sister and we will always be a family of 5. Please watch over your family and friends during this extremely difficult time while we all deal with you not being here physically. You will always be with me in spirit and I love you.



Craig Thomas Drabyk


March 23, 1975 – February 22, 2013

Rest In Peace big brother.

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