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13.5 Month Update

14 Mar

Well I missed the boat on her 13 month update so I decided to do a quick 13.5 month update, a mini update if you will.

The biggest update from last month is we are full-out walking/running now!! That is a whole new world but I am happy we are finally there. Her balance is pretty good, I guess it just depends on how tired she is! When she is tired, she walks around like a drunken sailor, bumping into everything and rolling around on the floor. Pretty funny at times.

That also means more bumps and bruise and scratches to the face. All part of being a little kid, right?


I would say she has also become more of a picky eater this past month and half as well. Breakfast and lunch are easy but dinner can be a challenge. She doesn’t like fruit unless it’s pureed up so we are going to keep putting fruit in front of her until she starts to eat that.


She only has 3 teeth…. STILL! She is working on her 4th & 5th now, I can see the whites, but still none on her top! Poor girl.


She is turning out to be VERY independent and really likes to do her own thing. Watch out if she doesn’t like it! She will let you know 🙂


That being said, she is very sweet and very gentle! She knows she has to pet the doggies nicely and rarely tries to squeeze them. She never hits or bites or pulls hair. For the most part, she is very good with her toys and books (I say most part because she has ripped a few books) and she loves to laugh and dance!

Happy 13.5 Months Kyler!

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