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14 Month Update!

29 Mar

Hard to believe it’s been 2 months since her birthday party but somehow, it has! Kyler is 14 months old!!! Last month’s update was short and sweet but you got the gist.


  • Teeth- STILL only has 4 teeth (and that is only if you count the little guy coming in on the bottom). Still no top teeth 😦 How is that possible??
  • Eating- We are doing pretty well. We have better days than others, it all just depends on how picky she wants to be. We finally have her eating some solid fruits but that is in spurts too.
  • Favorites-  As I sit here and think “What are Kyler’s favorite toys?” I really can’t come up with anything! She plays with everything! She loves things that play music, cars, BOOKS!, baby dolls, wagon, etc. She is pretty content just having fun.
  • Talking- Miss Kyler is a chatter box. She is a parrot and will repeat a lot of what you say. Her favorite things to say right now are: Doggie, Thank You, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, Hi, Momma, Dadda, cracker, cookie. She tends to repeat me, however, she copies what Dad does.


She knows how to find her nose and her belly button. She loves to read, do puzzles, pretend play (for example, she picks up her play food and pretends to eat it while saying nom, nom, nom). She is the cutest thing when you say bye to her. Every morning I say “Bye Kyler, I love you” and she says “Bye” and blows me a kiss and says “Muah!” She will give me kisses on the lips now but so far she only does that for me (I am okay with that 😉 ). She is wearing mainly 2T or 24M clothes with the occasional 18M pants/shorts. Last time we were at the doctor (just this past week) she weighed almost 24 pounds!


We LOVE our Kyler Nicole and have more fun with her every day!!!!

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