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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

28 Apr

What a fun weekend! For me, my weekend started Wednesday night. I was off work Thursday and Friday and took full advantage of that. After helping out a friend with his new house Thursday, I met Chris and Kyler at Chiptole for dinner!

After that, I went to the AT&T store to activate my new phone; Galaxy S4….. and I already cracked the screen :/ Sigh.

Friday, my momma & I hit the malls for some retail therapy. We started the day with a little help from our friends at Starbucks. She took me shopping for my birthday 🙂  Thanks again, Mom!

Puppy love ❤

We ran some errands and got some things done around the house before leaving for Merritt Island on Saturday. Kyler loves her ATV (and her hat).

Rocks and bubble fun! She loves sunglasses right now. If we put them on, she does NOT want to take them off.

Headed over to Grandma and Poppa’s!

When we got over to Merritt Island, we went to Ron Jon’s to check out what they had. Kyler had a great time running around the store! Afterwards, Kyler had dinner with Grandma and Poppa while Chris and I went on a much needed date.

Dinner at Bonefish and the movie Pain and Gain afterwards!

Today, we headed to the beach early.

Kyler hasn’t been to the beach in about 9 months and she LOVED it. I’m pretty sure sand was covering every square inch of her body.

All of the weather reports lied (said it was only 10% chance of rain) because the skies got grey quick!    That is okay though because we still played in the sand!

Burying her legs

We even dipped our toes in the water. It was cold!

After the beach and lunch, we had some fun in the pool! She has a good time “kick, kick, kick kick”ing 🙂 She kept saying that while kicking her legs.  We are actually looking into getting her swimming lessons so hopefully she becomes more comfortable with the water.

After her nap, we went out on a golf cart ride and saw a baby “allagattttorrrrr” as Kyler called it.

Sitting next to Poppa watching the doggies.

We had such a nice, long, family weekend and it was perfect 🙂 Can’t wait for more weekend like this one this summer! Hope everyone else had a nice weekend!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

21 Apr

Before I even get into our week, I would like to take this moment to recognize the victims of the horrible tragedy in Boston this past week. I can’t even imagine being in their shoes and feeling what they have felt this past week. The entire situation is so sad and infuriating at the same time. For the 4 people who lost their lives, their families, and all of the people who will be forever impacted by these events, our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Kyler had themed days at school this week! Wednesday was crazy hat and sock day and this is about as crazy as we got!

Friday was PJ day…. you can tell this is early 🙂

Today, we went to SeaWorld with The Gilbertsons!

Apparently it was twin day and the girls got the memo!



Their first ride!

Back home!

Kyler’s “garage”

I told you a few posts back that Kyler was having some fun on the piano…. well since our piano is digital, it comes with a bunch of “tunes” or beats already installed. I have also told you that Kyler is a dancing machine…. see for yourself 🙂

Another one:

New bath toy = so much fun!

Story time

This chair may be too small…..

Love her!

You know she is tired she is trying to climb into bed!!! Night night 🙂

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

14 Apr

We spent our weekend down at the Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa for my best friend’s wedding! We took off Friday morning and left Kyler with my parents so it was one less night to worry about a babysitter. Turned out to be a smart thing since she is fighting a cold right now.

Rehearsal Dinner fun!

The bride and I!

Marissa and I

My handsome hubby ❤

The beautiful bride getting ready!

My sweet girl came to say hello.

Kyler all dressed up.

So pretty!

Cocktail reception.

The Jenkinsons.

My parents!

Just walking around.

My bestie and I! Doesn’t she look beautiful??? 24 weeks pregnant!

The little man inside went to his first wedding!

My parents and I!

The Tivoli Crew!

It was such a beautiful wedding and we had a blast catching up with old friends!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

7 Apr

We have had a pretty fun and productive week in our household. It’s hard to believe it is April already. We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on April 3rd. Crazy how quick it has flown by!

IMG_7965 IMG_9309a _DSC3279 _DSC3173

Happy Anniversary Christian!

This week, I also decided to start working out again. I so hope I can keep up with it!

This cutie came home from school with a pony tail on Friday. Too funny.

I bought Chris a new Red Sox hat and I guess Kyler thought it would be fun to wear it around. Silly thing was bumping into everything. Sorry for the blurry picture, hard to get her to stay still!

Saturday, our neighborhood was having their Spring block party (not sure what to call it) and we headed down with The Gilbertson’s. Kyler and Kenley had a good time riding in the wagon.

The neighborhood dance group was performing on stage and the girls decided to join in and dance.

Fun with Dad.

Dancing machine!

The Jenkinsons!

After dinner hugs. Besties!

Fun times!

Love ❤

This face kills me, in a good way 🙂

Me and my babe.

I love my neighborhood! I think when Kyler is a little bit older, she will really start to like these little block parties. They have tons of bounce houses and things for little kiddos to do!

Today, we went on a nice long bike ride. Kyler sported her shades.

We rode by some cows so we stopped so say hello.

All in all, we had a great week! Next weekend we are off to Jupiter Beach to celebrate the wedding of one of my best friends! Can’t wait for a weekend away and to party the night away!

My New Craft Room!

7 Apr

Okay so I have always been in love with a well organized craft room. I have always wanted one and knew when we moved into This Grey House (you see what I did there?) I would wind up getting one. I opted to “share” my craft room with my computer room that is directly off the Master Bedroom. I have plenty of bedrooms but I couldn’t see myself giving up an ENTIRE BEDROOM for a craft room! Maybe if I worked on parties and crafts full-time but just to play around the house and help out friends, I couldn’t give up all that space.

Here is the space before we moved in:


Here is the wall before the craft room:


I knew that I could easily rearrange the computer room and find some space in there. Is it a little more compact than it was before? Sure, but I still have tons of room to move around. Does the white craft room clash with the dark computer furniture? Yeah, probably, but it still works.  The best part is that I can be in the same room hanging out with the hubs at night if I need to work on something.

I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted in my craft room but I know I needed a big working table and storage. I fell in love with a table and paper storage cart from Ikea but that was all I had to work with.


One day, while shopping at Michaels, I came across all of their craft storage and everything was 50% off. As much as I loved everything, I knew I didn’t have much floor space and these units were made to be stacked onto each other, much like cubbies. I brought my hubby back the next day and showed him everything and he mentioned hanging them on the wall. I didn’t that was an option but he knew exactly what was need to make sure those puppies never go anywhere! By that night, we had everything hung up and put in place!


The finished product!


I love my new craft “room”  and couldn’t be any happier with how it turned out.


IMG_1272 IMG_1274-001 IMG_1291-001

What are your must haves for a craft space??

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