Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

7 Apr

We have had a pretty fun and productive week in our household. It’s hard to believe it is April already. We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on April 3rd. Crazy how quick it has flown by!

IMG_7965 IMG_9309a _DSC3279 _DSC3173

Happy Anniversary Christian!

This week, I also decided to start working out again. I so hope I can keep up with it!

This cutie came home from school with a pony tail on Friday. Too funny.

I bought Chris a new Red Sox hat and I guess Kyler thought it would be fun to wear it around. Silly thing was bumping into everything. Sorry for the blurry picture, hard to get her to stay still!

Saturday, our neighborhood was having their Spring block party (not sure what to call it) and we headed down with The Gilbertson’s. Kyler and Kenley had a good time riding in the wagon.

The neighborhood dance group was performing on stage and the girls decided to join in and dance.

Fun with Dad.

Dancing machine!

The Jenkinsons!

After dinner hugs. Besties!

Fun times!

Love ❤

This face kills me, in a good way 🙂

Me and my babe.

I love my neighborhood! I think when Kyler is a little bit older, she will really start to like these little block parties. They have tons of bounce houses and things for little kiddos to do!

Today, we went on a nice long bike ride. Kyler sported her shades.

We rode by some cows so we stopped so say hello.

All in all, we had a great week! Next weekend we are off to Jupiter Beach to celebrate the wedding of one of my best friends! Can’t wait for a weekend away and to party the night away!

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