Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

19 May

A pretty dress for a pretty lady!

Kyler ended up getting an ear infection so we stayed home on Wednesday. While she napped, I made this for my newest little nephew Baby Basso! She is doing a New York Giants themed nursery (booo to the Giants but yay for doing it super cute and trendy!)

Since she was still not feeling 100%, she stayed home with me on Friday. Thankfully she was feeling a little bit better but she still had a fever 😦

Such a cute dress!

We ran out of gas this weekend… who does that?!?! Apparently, we do!

Thankfully we were really close to home and our good friend/neighbor was nearby so we didn’t have to wait long. Kyler didn’t seem to mind.

We set up Kyler’s pools and water toys on Saturday for some water fun!

Kenley joined in the fun!

Backyard Water Park!

Thankfully, we won’t have to do this too much longer because…..


This is a rough design but it will look somewhat similar to this when it’s all said and done.


We have been wanting one for SO long and when we bought this house, we made sure we would have a big enough backyard for a pool and some grass. We are hoping it will be done by August sometime as long as the weather isn’t too bad and the permits get done in time!

This also means lots of projects for Chris and I. We found these plans on Ana-White and are going to attempt to make our own furniture since everything else is so expensive!!

I have a lot of time off around Memorial Day so we are going to get the garage in order so we can start tackling some home projects. We have 4 projects on the list:

1. Pool (duh, I just told you). That also includes the couch, a few Adirondacks chairs, and some refreshers to some existing furniture we have.

2. Laundy room! I think we finally have a plan for this and can’t wait to get going on it!

3. Master bath. We are painting the cabinets and adding some beadboard to make it seem a little more like a “Master” bath.

4. Kyler’s big girl room. We bought a bed we need to refinish and I am on the hunt for a dresser to do the same!

We will be very busy this summer but I am SO excited to get started!

I will leave you with another shot of Kyler just because she is too cute not too.

Another great week with my little family ❤

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