Kyler is 16 Months!!!

26 May

Kyler is 16 months!!! How is that possible, you say? Well since I missed the boat on her 15 month update, this one will just to be extra detailed! I guess you can see this little one has changed a lot in 2 months. For one, she is bigger and taller! Shocker right? Kyler was 24 1/2 pounds at 15 months so I am guessing she is right around the 25 lb mark. INSANE! My mom says she gets her chubbiness from me and I was the same way at that age. I know it’s only a matter of time before she slims out and takes off! She has slowed down a bit in the height department (for her that is) and was just pushing 32 inches, again at 15 months. It will be interesting to see if that trend follows when we go back in 2 months.

15 Months:

16 Months:

  • Teeth- I am happy to report that she now has 6 teeth!!!! Her front 2 teeth finally came in and her gums are super swollen right now so maybe more are on the way?
  • Eating- She is doing really well with her utensils. Sometimes she won’t even try a food but when I put it on her fork or her spoon and she grabs it and eats it, she will then eat it up. Silly girl. Some days she is picky and some days she eats whatever we give her. Comes with the toddler territory right?
  • Dancing-  This girl loves to move and shake it. Her favorite songs are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, ABC’s, Hot Dog, and anything with a good beat.
  • Mickey Mouse- I think a trip to Disney is in our future. She loves Mickey and the gang and can notice the “ears” on anything.
  • Talking- Oh boy… she is a gabber. She is always talking about something and her words are becoming more clear. I still think her favorite word is Thank You. Weird, I know but anytime she is done with something or hands you something she says it. Polite kid!
  • Testy- She has started this new thing where she gets this grin and deliberately does what you do not want her to do. She thinks it’s funny and looks at you as to say “What are you going to do”…. no clue where she gets that attitude from.
  • Sleeping– I have got myself a sleeper! She goes to bed between 7:30-8 at night and wakes up (if you let her sleep in) around 8am. Some days a little earlier but some days a little later. She goes down for one nap a day, usually right after lunch and sleeps for about 2 to 2.5 hours. She loves to sleep!

She is really turning into more of a little girl rather than a baby every day. She has a goof ball personality and definitely likes to be the center of attention. She loves animals and knows the differences between a lot of different animals. She knows what a monkey, lion, dog, and cow say. She LOVES to count (this is a game her and her Poppa do). She loves to blow kisses and will only give me a kiss on the lips. She has started snuggling again (YES!!! FINALLY) but it’s only when shes sleepy.

We bought Kyler a big girl bed that we are going to refinish so look out for that this summer. I am hoping her transition will be an easy one! She has enough hair for me to put in pigtails (yay!) and it instantly makes her look 6 months older. I can barely handle it!

It is so hard to believe she is almost 1.5 years old. Kyler Nicole, you are almost too cute for Mommy and Daddy to handle and you continue to develop your own little sweet personality each and every day! Happy 16 Months!

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