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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

2 Jun

What a week 🙂 I have been off work this week and oh how nice has that been.

We were still pretty busy finishing up our bathroom re-do in the beginning of the week. If you missed that post, you can read it here.

Thursday was a Kyler and Mom day… we pretty much just played all day!

On Friday, I treated my mom to a spa day at one of my favorite places ever. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Saturday, Kyler and I headed over to Merritt Island to celebrate the upcoming birth my best friend Jenn’s baby at her baby shower!

Pretty Kyler

My beautiful friend Jenn!

17 years of being best friends! Love this one like a sister 🙂

Today, we attempted to go to the splash pad for the first time. Kyler wasn’t really a fan…. when it was low she liked it but as soon as the water shot up… she wasn’t a fan.

Tonight, I made chicken and shrimp fried rice from scratch…. yummy!

That was my week! Back to reality tomorrow. I had a great time being a stay at home mommy this week with my sweet girl 🙂

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