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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

9 Jun

We had a pretty relaxed week for us especially compared to the last few.

Kyler loves her books…. sometimes she gets a little ahead of herself which makes it hard to read to her 🙂

Playing at Kenley’s house before dinner.

Sitting down having a chat before bath time.

I signed up for the UCF event “A Knight To Remember” through work a while ago and it was on Saturday night. There were a ton of restaurants there and you just walked around and sampled yummy food. I was STUFFED by the end of the night.

The UCF Arena…. where it all started! Seriously, it’s where I met Chris and where I kicked off my career. It will always be a special place to me 🙂

The babysitter wasn’t able to watch Kyler that night so the Gilbertson’s aka lifesavers watched Kyler. I know Kyler had a great time with Kenley!

Today, we went to SeaWorld for a couple of hours.

Crappy picture but still cute!

Polar Bear!

Turtles and fishies 🙂

The line for the new penguin was way too long so we didn’t get to go (this makes me really sad) but at least she got to see a penguin (well sort of)

It was a fun weekend off of house duties and just having some fun. We need to get back at it and get a move on though….these things are going to make/refinish themselves 🙂

Have a great week!!!

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