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Kyler’s 17th Month Update!

2 Jul







17 Months!!


Miss Kyler turned 17 months old on the 26th! She is such a big girl now! The baby in her is really gone 😦 For the most part, she is one happy little girl. She is a goof ball most of the time but she does have her moments of crankiness (don’t they all). She is very independent and quite the smart butt. She loves to test me (more me than Dad) and thinks it is fun to do exactly what I ask her not to do. She has been quite the cuddle bug lately though. Loves to give her mommy and daddy lots of kisses and I just love it!

She is a dancing machine!!!! I can’t get over it. She loves to dance and move to the music. She is a really good dancer too! She is usually on the beat and has a lot of different moves she will break out.

Her vocabulary continues to grow every day! She now strings some words together and continues to parrot whatever you ask her to say. She still loves to say her pleases and thank yous. Very polite kid 🙂

She started saying “Oh No” lately rather than uh oh. I am assuming someone at school said that and she picked it up.

Eating is still going pretty well. She is a toddler so she can be quite picky and coming up with new things to eat is always challenging but she loves veggies and fruit. When she is being difficult, I can always count on her to eat her veggies and fruit. Hopefully that won’t change!

She is still sleeping in a crib. We are going to start on her big girl room when we get back for vacation so I imagine that will open up a whole new world! Eek! I am a little nervous because K loves her sleep (just like her momma).

Happy 17 Months Kyler Nicole! We Love You!

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