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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

22 Jul

Well I am a day late. No excuse really other than I was tired and decided to push until today 🙂

I think I have mentioned before that Kyler is very independent and this it is definitely the case here…She wanted out of the trike and wanted to push…but HEAVEN FORBID that I helped steer. She would throw a fit since she had to do it herself.

My sweet big girl!!!

I put her baby doll in the back of the truck and zoomed it around. Well, she took her baby out and tried to put herself in. She kept saying “Sit, sit, please”. Bug, I think you may be too big?

Changing her babies’ diapers

Kyler and Kenley had a great time playing in the curtains!

Found these new boots for her this weekend. Couldn’t help it!

The movie “Ray” was on TV this weekend and apparently Kyler is a big fan of Ray Charles… who knew?

Short and sweet Weekend Update! Hopefully the pool will be done something this weekend or early next week! Can’t wait!!!!

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