Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

29 Sep

My little Mustang 🙂 This was my shirt when I was a little kiddo. I used to run around the football stadium while my oldest brother Craig was playing. It has a faded #44 on the back ❤

We love to make our funny faces!

In case you missed the Big News, we announced that we are expecting our 2nd child in April!

Kyler is going to be a Big Sister!!!

Kyler went to Grandma and Poppa’s house on Friday and had a little slumber party. Chris and I had a much needed date night which was really just going to dinner (so nice to not have to rush through it) and watching a movie at home. It was relaxing, low key, and just what we needed. Kyler had fun too! Grandma and Poppa took her to the zoo! (Grandma said her phone was messed up so no photos 😦 )

This girl knows how to correctly identify Africa and Australia. Amazing.

She has also been taking more interest into drawing lately too. Thank goodness for school!

Kenley and Kyler singing their ABC’s.

I am finally finding motivation to turn Kyler’s room into her big girl room. Hopefully I can keep this up!

Poor Maggie was tired from swimming. And she always thinks she is smaller than she really is.

Tonight, Chris and I (Fenway helped) tackled folding and putting clothes away. I HATE that.

It was a good week in the Jenkinson household! We finally got to spill the beans, see Uncle Josh, see our little peanut (he/she looked healthy!), and we had a date night! Life is good!

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