Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

10 Nov

This week, Kyler moved into her big girl bed!

She has done so well! I think she really loves her big girl bed and doesn’t seem to miss her crib at all. She has fallen out a couple of times but doesn’t seem to really mind, she was woken up with shoes on, and likes to bring her books to bed. We are making more changes to her room in the coming weeks so I will post when it’s all finished 🙂

We are also making improvements to the backyard. I like to call this Stage 2 🙂

This includes a pergola and summer kitchen. Plan is to have it all done by the Spring (we are doing all the work ourselves) so I am eager to see if finally get started!

Kyler went over to Grandma and Poppa’s house on Friday and stayed the night. Packed up and ready to go!

On Saturday, I headed over to my friend’s bridal shower then scooped up Kyler. We headed back to Orlando, ran some errands, then had dinner over at the Gilbertson’s.

Somehow the weeks keep coming and going at the speed of light! We have another ultrasound on Wednesday and I am eager to see the little guy again. I will be 20 weeks on Friday…. half way there! So crazy how fast it is going by!

Happy Sunday!

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