Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

17 Nov

We got to see our little man this week!

I was 20 weeks on Friday and little Hudson is doing great!

We headed to Ikea to pick up an Expedit bookcase for Kyler’s big girl room. We had something to return as well so Kyler sat with Daddy and waited patiently for me to be done.

I took some photos for my friend and her family this weekend. Her precious niece was in town from California!

Kyler and Chris tagged along and walked around the lake while I took some photos.

This weekend was pretty much spent trying to get Kyler’s room put together. We have a couple of more things to do and I then I will post some photos. Here is a sneak peek!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I am anxiously awaiting decorating for Christmas. Pretty sure it’s going to happen on Saturday. I went back and read the Weekend Update from a year ago and it feels like it was ages ago. This time last year, Thanksgiving was a few days out, my Christmas tree was up and Kyler was learning how to give high fives. <3.

I LOVE this time of year 🙂


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