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Hello 3rd Trimester

10 Jan

Holy moly…. Today I am 28 weeks and in my 3rd trimester. Not sure how we got here so fast but it’s here. That means baby is T minus 12 weeks (give or take).

How I have been feeling:

To be honest, pretty crappy! This pregnancy is A LOT different than my first. I feel every ache and pain. The doctor said it’s how he is laying but not sure I am buying that. I have been feeling this way for a few months now and don’t imagine it going away until after he is here. Best way to describe it…. like I rode a bike on a mountainous trail for 20 miles 🙂

Other than that, I have been doing great. The dreaded heartburn hasn’t made its way back although I am sure that will come in due time. I am still sleeping quite comfortably (helps that I am a side sleeper anyways) and the sleepiness isn’t too bad.

Picking up my little one is getting more difficult. I try not to carry her around a lot since she is more than capable of walking/running on her own.

I have gained about 23 pounds so far. I’m pretty happy about that considered I had gained a lot more with Kyler. Hopefully I don’t pack it all on in the end 🙂  I also had my glucose test so hoping I pass that will flying colors.

The nurse scheduled the rest of my appointments from here on out which made things a lot more real to me. I will be having a baby before I know it!

How he is doing:

He sure does move A LOT. Kyler moved a lot too but was more consistent with when she decided to do somersaults. She was very active in the morning and at night but she was pretty calm during the day. Not this little guy, he moves at all hours of the day.

No hiccups yet…. and my fingers are crossed that is stays this way!!! Kyler had them all of the time and I found them to be annoying so really hoping Hudson doesn’t get them as often.

His heart beat was a strong 144 bpm the other day.

To Do List:

Well that is about a mile long. Unlike the 1st pregnancy which is all you think about every second of every day, I haven’t had a chance to really focus on baby #2. I keep telling myself that will come in February (after Kyler’s birthday). The good thing is, I have a pretty good handle on his nursery and what I want to do, we just need to start putting it together. On the other hand, I really need to get all of the baby stuff out and see what I need to get. I know I will need clothes, bottles, diapers, pacis, etc. Last thing on my to do list is read Baby 101 again. I know it will all come back to me but it’s so crazy how quickly you forget all the little things you do with a newborn. Oh and doing all of that with a crazy 2 year old running around 🙂

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