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Throwback Thursday

27 Feb

February 27, 2009
Heavenly, Lake Tahoe

This week I am throwing back to 2009. We took a week-long trip with our friends to San Francisco, Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe. First time we had been to all of those places! First time snow boarding for me too. We had a blast and I hope to go back someday soon!

A Sprinkle for Hudson

26 Feb

This past weekend, a few of my girlfriends thew Hudson and I a little baby sprinkle to celebrate him coming soon!

They did a “She’s about to POP theme” so all of the food was themed around that. Too cute!

Opening our gifts with friends and family ❤

Room decor for his room!

Look at the belly, whoa!

Towards the end, the girls came back over from my house (Kendra and I live 5 houses down for each other)

Big hugs for Mommy ❤

She’s excited to meet her brother

Thanks to everyone who came!!

My twin for the day, Shannon, and Miss Reese

So happy Hannah (who is 3 days older than Kyler) got to come and play with the girls! Thanks Sarah and Amanda for coming too!!!

Love my family!

Thanks to the Maris(s)a’s for everything!

And Jenn too!!!

And Kendra!!! Although we forgot to get a picture, fail!!!

My momma, Kyler and I

And of course, the big guy and I. Love him!

Thanks to everyone!!! Love you all! And again, THANK YOU to Kendra, Jenn, Marissa, and Marisa for planning everything! Love you all too 🙂

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

23 Feb

So remember last week when I said we were potty training….. yeahhhh…… that has made for the week from hell 🙂 I may or may not share my details later but all I will say is this.

It’s not easy. No really, like impossible. We are tired. We are stressed.

We have had to take a step back and reevaluate what we were doing. Again, perhaps I will share more later, guess just depends on what happens down the road 🙂

That Potty Training Boot Camp weekend lead to a happy Monday Morning. Happy to have coffee and happy to be heading into work 🙂

The girls (Kendra, Jenny, Marissa, and Marisa) threw me a Sprinkle this weekend.

More pictures to come!

The baby daddy and I 🙂

Lunch at Jason’s Deli while we waited to find out what clothes the store wanted to buy of Kyler’s.

Can’t forget the free ice cream!

I am happy to say I made some pretty good dough on her clothes. Just in time to go buy baby stuff 🙂

We stopped by our old house to see my parents. The renter moved out which mean it’s going up on the market. They were over the busy fixing a few things. Kyler had a good time running around in an empty house. So fun to see her where it all began 🙂

We made some good progress in the nursery this weekend. Sneak peak 🙂

One Year

22 Feb

It’s been one year.

There is still not a day that goes by where I don’t think about him, what happened, what should be, and what the reality really is. It’s not an easier today than it was a year ago, I have just learned to cope with it.

Craig, we all miss you and love you. More than anything, I wish Kyler could meet you now and get to know you. I wish you could meet Hudson. Every time I think about my kids not knowing their Uncle Craig it feels like a kick in the gut over and over.I know you are watching down over all of us and we will all be together soon. Until then, God Bless my larger than life brother. May you rest in peace.

Craig Thomas Drabyk
March 23, 1975 – February 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday

20 Feb


The last photo I have of Craig and Kyler. I had no clue it existed until after he passed away and we were going through the pictures on his phone. I wish more than anything that he was still here today to see how big his niece is and so she could get to know her Uncle Craig.

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

16 Feb

The week started off on a fun one. It was my friend’s birthday at work and we have a little tradition in our department…. to decorate/prank each other on our birthdays. This year, we decided to turn his cubicle into bathroom.

Happy Birthday buddy!

We had movie night with Monsters University and popcorn. 

My sweet babies

Snuggles with Bug

Ummm Hudson’s room may have been our storage room and this is what it looks like right now (minus the awesome plank wall which you will see later). I need to get on this. Stat.

Opening up her Valentine’s Day present

Chris and Kyler spoiled me for Valentine’s Day… can NOT wait for the prenatal massage.

This weekend we have been on Potty Training Bootcamp, aka the 3 day, never leave your house and your kid’s side, no more diapers, millions of accidents, etc. Not too many photos, because A) There is Zero time to do anything else than watch your child like a hawk and remind them every .2 seconds to “tell us when you need to potty” and B) don’t really want photos Kyler in her undies on the World Wide Web.

I did however think I was going to tackle going through Kyler’s old clothes (kept all of them because ya know, just in case #2 kid was a girl) and I am immediately regretting my decision. Holy. Clothes.

I am beyond exhausted from this weekend (not out of the thick of it yet… 3 day method for us is going into overtime) but thanks to Grandma, we get to keep trying. Good. Night.

Throwback Thursday

13 Feb

Valentine’s Day 2008

This was our first Valentine’s Day together. Chris surprised me with the turtles and a day at Discovery Cove!

Inspiration for Hudson’s Room

11 Feb

I knew before I was even pregnant what type of nursery I wanted. As soon as I found out it was a boy, it was time to officially start planning (okay, I MAY have bought a few items for a boy’s room just in case…. it was a great deal at Home Goods and we all know if you see something you want there, you just have to get it).

Here is a mood board I created way back when (before I was pregnant, I told you I knew).

Here are some inspirations for Hudson’s “Tiny Traveler” Room.

We are working on his room now and can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

9 Feb

We started off the week on quite the lazy front. We were still tired from the birthday party the weekend before and Chris’s parents had traveled back home.

I did get to see Hudson this week which is always fun 🙂

I have been measuring a week or two ahead this pregnancy and they decided to order me an ultrasound just to see how big this little guy is. I was 32 weeks on Friday and he was was measuring at 34 weeks. Not really sure if that even matters but it should be interesting to see what the doctor says!

We also started/completed Hudson’s Plank Wall.

More pictures to come!

We had some of this yummy goodness this week 🙂

Kyler enjoyed it too.

Sofia the First folks

Shopping at Lowes!

After a long and busy weekend, here’s to what is hopefully a nice week. Next weekend we are on Potty Training Bootcamp (aka lock yourself inside the house and try and train a 2 year to use the potty). Wish us luck!

Throwback Thursday

6 Feb

June 7, 2008

Chris and I took a trip up to Boston in the summer of 2008. We hit up a Red Sox game and were approached to the be the Fans of the game. They followed us around a bit pre-game and shot some footage of us during the 2nd inning. It was such a cool experience to be on the scoreboard at Fenway!!

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