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Hudson Alexander

31 Mar


Hudson Alexander Jenkinson!!


Born March 29th at 12:27am.
8 pounds, 7 ounces and 21 inches long!
We are all doing great!

Let’s Party! – Circus

24 Mar

Back when my bestie was preggo with her adorable son Greyson, her mom and sister planned her a circus themed baby shower. Jenn asked if I could help out with food labels and I of course said “no problem!”

For this project, I opted to design and print something simple and embellish after the fact.

Up close

In action with her awesome cupcakes!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

23 Mar

We had a nice productive weekend here at The Jenkinson’s. It very well could be the last one we have for a while with Hudson due to arrive any day (12 days and counting people).

She is such a good helper!

Why not wear all your pretties at once?

Or wear your shorts on your head?

We picked up Frozen this week. We loved it!

And had breakfast for dinner. Kyler’s favorite!

Kyler helped Chris and my Dad with the outdoor kitchen this weekend. She had to make sure all the measurements were just right.

For breaks, she played in the sand. The life of a 2 year old!

Today was a good day to head out to the park.

I’m readddyy

Okay so maybe walking to the park while it was 87 degrees out and I am wearing jeans wasn’t the best thing for a lady who could pop at any moment…. but Kyler had a good time.

Playing on the big kids side

She shoots….

She scores!!!

We stopped by Kenley’s house for some backyard fun aka pick up rocks. Kyler’s favorite game!

That’s our week! I have about a week and a half before Hudson is officially due to arrive which we all know doesn’t mean too much. I wouldn’t mind if he decides to come sooner than later though 🙂 Crazy to think we will be a family of four in no time!


Happy Birthday to my big brother in heaven, Craig. I love and miss you buddy!

Throwback Thursday

20 Mar


February 2012, All-Star Weekend

This was Chris and I’s first date night after Kyler was born. We headed out to the All Star Saturday Night (and All Star game on Sunday). I put too much hard work into planning that event to not see it in action! What a fun weekend!

DIY Wood Plank Wall

19 Mar

I love me a plank wall these days. I knew I wanted to install one for the 2nd nursery for a long time now. If the baby was a boy, wood stain it is. If the baby was a girl, it would have ended up weathered grey (hmmm maybe somewhere else in the house???). As soon as we found out baby # 2 was a he, it was time to get planning!

We did some research online and determined we wanted to go with sanded plywood. I love the pallet look, however, I did not want to round-up tons of pallets, worry about splintering of the wood (pallet wood is not the best), and then no know where the wood has been (chemicals, etc).

We opted for 3/4″ Sanded Oak in 4’x8′ sheets. We could have gotten away with 1/2″ but that is what our store had to offer. Our wall took 3 full sheets and we had Home Depot do the big cuts for us (we choose 6″).

pallet wall, diy pallet wall, wood plank wall, world travel nursery

We took our 6″x 8′ boards (24 of them) and laid them out to stain. We choose to go with 3 similar stains to give the appearances of a rustic and worn wall.

pallet wall, diy pallet wall, wood plank wall, world travel nurserypallet wall, diy pallet wall, wood plank wall, world travel nursery

We stained 8 boards in each color.

pallet wall, diy pallet wall, wood plank wall, world travel nursery

pallet wall, diy pallet wall, wood plank wall, world travel nursery

Before installing, Chris attempted to find the studs on the wall.

pallet wall, diy pallet wall, wood plank wall, world travel nursery

We installed the boards on an exterior wall. We have no clue what it’s made of but we are assuming it must be a combo of concrete block and metal straps (reminder, we live in Florida). Because of that, we couldn’t use a run-of-the-mill nail gun. We ended up using a T-Nailer with large nails made especially for concrete and metal. Pro: The suckers don’t move. Con: You can see the nail head loud and clear. We were going to attempt to cover them up, however, A) We didn’t want to ruin the wall and B) Once we moved everything in place, it actually looked fine!

pallet wall, diy pallet wall, wood plank wall, world travel nursery

As for the cuts, we really just went with where the studs were and there was no rhyme or reason as to what color came next. We just made sure we didn’t go with the same exact color side by side.

pallet wall, diy pallet wall, wood plank wall, world travel nursery

Getting there!

Finished look!!

pallet wall, diy pallet wall, wood plank wall, world travel nursery

We are LOVING our little man’s plank wall. We have even talked about doing something similar in another part of the house! Any questions? Feel free to ask!

A Tiny Traveler: Hudson’s Nursery!

18 Mar

For Hudson’s Nursery, I went with a “Tiny Travelers” theme. I opted for the more rustic and worn look and I am absolutely in LOVE with how it turned out!

Now, how did we get here?

Way back when we moved into the house, his room looked like this:

For the past 2 years, his room aka storage room has looked like different stages of this:

Once we got started on the plank wall (more details to come on that in a couple days), the room quickly evolved into the photos above.

Chris made this matching shelf. Love!

Globe piggy bank, mod-podge map letters, and some safari animals

and this matching map artwork for over his dresser!

Left over planks + AWESOME map from lulukuku designs

Borrowing some friends from his Big Sister

Well folks, there it is 🙂 After he arrives, I will put in the finishing touches like photos and his birth stats but you get the idea 🙂

It all started from this mood board a year ago 🙂

Here is a list of some of things you can find in his room!

Map on wooden planks (Tell her This Grey House sent you!): Lulukuku Designs
Burlap Pillow: Vintage Biplane from PolkaDot Apple
Crib Rail, Sheet and Changing Pad: Rocky Top Design
Crib Skirt: Prescott at Pottery Barn Kids
Curtains: Ikat Key in Horseradish  fromWest Elm
Curtain Rod Ends: Gold Rock Finials from Land of Nod
Both lamps: Target
Zebra Head: A hidden gem at Home Goods!
Picture Frames: Most of theme came from TJMaxx
Globe Bank: Home Goods
Random Trinkets: Hobby Lobby, Amazon, gifts, Home Goods

Let me know if you have any questions!!!


Let’s Party! – BBQ

17 Mar

My Dad turned 60 this past year and my mom and I surprised him with a birthday party. We went with the classic BBQ theme of red gingham. For this little shindig, I made the invitation and a party banner!

Throwback Thursday

13 Mar

March 2010, Key West

4 years ago, my closest girlfriends and I headed down to Miami and Key West for a long week for my bachelorette party. It was one of the best weekends of my life and we partied hard. Too many great pictures to just pick one! Love my girls!

Birthday Pranks: Plastic Wrap

12 Mar

This is a new mini-series for me. To give you some background, it started about 2 years ago and it started small. Lately, we have really been going all out and a few people have asked about the details (how did you do that, what did you do that with, etc) so I decided to write about it.

My department is made up of myself, 2 guys, and an intern. We are a very close-knit department (we call each other family) and we work hard but love to have a good time too. We are always messing with each other and giving each other a hard time so we decided “why not mess with each even more on our birthdays?” One of our first pranks was the “Plastic Wrap”.

This one is a classic but always a good time. They key to this prank is to make sure you cover every square inch of office/cubicle space with plastic wrap. I mean everything. Pens, notes, business cards, papers, push pins, keyboard, basically if it can be picked up, wrap it! This makes clean-up even harder (and if you are like us, we make the birthday person to all of the clean-up).

All in the details, people!

To take it to the next level, fill up the space with balloons. That way, when the birthday boy/girl walks up, they think THAT is the prank…. but we all know once those balloons tumble out, it will reveal what’s really happening in all it’s plasticy glory!

If you have someone willing, it’s pretty funny to have someone waiting in the balloons to scare them when they walk up.

Enjoy wrapping!

Let’s Party! – Oh “Two”dles

10 Mar

For Kenley’s 2nd birthday, Kendra went with a Oh “Two”dles theme (for those of you without small kiddos, that is from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). She asked if I wouldn’t mind whipping up an invitation for her. The colors were Black, Red and Yellow and of course, the theme being Mickey Mouse. After playing around a bit, this is what I came up with! They printed out great and Kendra was happy 🙂

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