Like new! Refinishing a bed and dresser

5 Mar

I knew I wanted a vintage bed for Kyler’s new big girl room and I wasn’t willing to pay an arm and a leg for a brand new “vintage” bed. I love the Jenny Lind style so that was my first thought. I popped on Craigslist every now and then in search of the right bed and I came across this gem.

I knew with the some new paint and cute bedding, this would make one cute bed. We picked it up for $139 and I was perfectly okay with that.

Next step, was finding a comparable dresser. Again, after searching Craigslist, I decided I was looking for the french provincial style. Now this style tends to have really big dressers so that was another obstacle, to find a 6 drawer that would work for a little girl’s room. After looking and looking and finding plenty (but out of my price range), I was feeling defeated. One day, we were out and about looking at some consignment shops when we drove by one and I told Chris “oh wait, we need to turn around!” I spotted one in the window and it looked perfect driving by. I called the shop immediately and asked for the price. When they responded with “$130”, we turned around and headed to the shop. It was in perfect condition, but again, just needed some paint!


Chris started with the bed first. We thought about just using a deglosser since sanding this puppy would take a while but he ended up hand sanding all the spindles. We just decided we wanted to do it right so why not take the extra time and prep it correctly. It did take A LONG time but it was worth it.

Sanding the dresser was a lot easier. Only took him a day to sand the entire thing and the paint came right off.


For priming, we used Valspar’s binding primer at the suggestion of the Lowes guy. We wanted to ensure that a toddler couldn’t easily scratch up the paint and didn’t want to deal with paint peeling off. It would well!

Again, the spindles made everything take a lot more time. So many little grooves to get into.

The dresser on the other hand was cake!


I knew I wanted to keep the Coral and Aqua color scheme in her room and was dead set on painting her walls a bright Coral. I went back and forth with going with a simple white or a pretty Aqua and decided to go for the color. We settled on the color “Aqua Glow” by Valspar, but went with Sherwin Williams Pro-Classic Interior Acrylic Enamel for the actual paint. Why, you ask? We have refinished furniture with Valspar before and it came out okay, but we really wanted her furniture to painted with a quality paint. I am SO glad we splurged and made that decision. I am telling you, it makes all the difference in the world.

One coat on!

And the dresser

For the hardware, we bought a Metallic Silver spray and it worked perfectly!


Since her bed and dresser will both be used daily, we decided to use a sealer on them to protect the finish. After some research, we opted for Minwax Polycrylic. It went on SUPER easy (thank you water based) and there was hardly any smell.

Aqua Jenny Lind bed!

Aqua French Dresser!

What do you think? Any questions? Just ask!

6 Responses to “Like new! Refinishing a bed and dresser”

  1. Lindsay at 11:05 am #

    Hi, I am wondering what you used to sand both the bed and the dresser? I’m about to take on a similar project. Did you use a sander or do it by hand? Also what grit? My other question is what paint brand and color is the coral? I’m finding it a tough shade to find! Thanks!

    • ThisGreyHouse at 7:06 pm #

      Hi Lindsay! For the dowels, we sanded it by hand and then used a sander on the flat surfaces. First, we started with a heavier grit paper to get the paint off then switched to a finer grit to smooth it out. We used Sherwin Williams on this and bought a more expensive option that was suited for furniture. Click on the links in the post to see what it was exactly called! The coral on the walls is Sweet Melon by Valspar!

  2. Julie at 7:10 pm #

    hi! I’m about to paint a very similar bed. Now that it’s been a year would you change anything about your process?

    BTW, it looks great!

    • ThisGreyHouse at 7:53 pm #

      Honestly…no! The bed has held up great, no scuffs or marks and the paint still looks great! Take your time sanding and buy good paint! That makes the biggest difference! Good luck!!!

  3. Lindsay at 5:57 am #

    Hi there! I’m sorry if I missed it in the post but where is the bed frame from?

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