Hudson’s Birth Story

2 Apr

Don’t worry, I won’t get into the icky details 🙂 I just wanted to write (or type) down how things went down so I can have a place to look back in a few years when the details get blurry 🙂 Warning: this is a long post!

I will start with this. This delivery was completely different from Kyler’s. I never wrote down Kyler’s Birth Story because this blog wasn’t around so I will give you the cliff notes version.

With Kyler, I made it to my due date (January 26th) and as soon as the clock hit midnight, my water broke (what are the chances of my water breaking at midnight on my due date???). I was having OH SHIT contractions  an hour later. I got to the hospital around 2am and received an epidural (aka heaven) around 5am (why it took so long to get one is beyond me). I was progressing pretty quickly on my own. Around 8am in the morning (and around 8cm) they put me on pitocin (aka hell) to regulate my contractions. Things went down hill from there. I pushed for an hour and half and it kicked my ass. I didn’t just feel pressure like everyone said I would. I felt pain…. really intense pain. I had also been awake for 36 hours (because I was up all day on the 25th and had just laid down to sleep when my water broke) so I was struggling pretty bad. Regardless, Kyler Nicole was born at 12:03pm. She was 8 pounds, 6 ounces and 20.5 inches long and perfect!

Now flash forward to last week. My due date was April 4th.

  • Wednesday (March 26th): I was 3cm dilated, 80% effaced and he was at a 0 station. I was close! I started having more and more contractions on Wednesday night but nothing  worth timing yet. By 11pm, they were gone 😦
  • Thursday (March 27th): I went to work on Thursday and had some random contractions but again, nothing to get excited about. Thursday night around 8pm, contractions started up again. They were all over the place and were getting uncomfortable so I was really hoping that would be it. I fell asleep and woke up many times throughout the night and was still having contractions.
  • Friday (March 28th): By 5am, they stopped again. When I woke up for work on Friday morning, I felt fine so I decided to get up and get ready for work. Every time I would start moving around, I would start contracting again. Sit down and rest, they would stop. Seriously so frustrating! I asked Chris to stay home and told work I would be late to see what’s going on. I called my doctor and they suggested I go into triage just to see if anything changed down there. I knew I wasn’t in active labor so I thought it was pointless but Chris agreed with the doc and wanted to go in so I obliged.
  • 10am: We arrived to Winnie Palmer and checked into triage. Of course by the time I got there, there were no signs of labor so I felt silly walking in there.
  • 11am: They called me back and monitored/checked me and I was still 3cm. At this point, I thought okay we are going home. The nurse came back and said my doctor’s midwife wanted me to walk around for 2 hours and come back at 2pm. UGH. So, Chris and I grabbed lunch and then walked the lake in front of the hospital until it was time to come back. While walking, my contractions started back up and were coming about 10 minutes apart.

  • 2pm:  We were supposed to go right back but we had to wait around for a bed to become available (apparently it was a very busy day for them).
  • 3pm: Got a room and was hooked back up to the monitors. Since I had to wait around for a bed, my contractions were gone. At this point, I was so frustrated because I felt like we were just wasting time there. I knew I wasn’t in labor and just wanted to go home.
  • 3:30pm: After monitoring me for 30 minutes, the nurse came in (yay I get to leave!) and said during a contraction she noticed his heart rate dip down a tiny bit so she was going to talk to my on-call doctor and come back. After talking with her, they decided to get a sonogram to see how much fluid was around the baby.
  • 4pm: We had a sonogram done.  At this point, I asked my parents to go pick up Kyler because we weren’t sure how much longer we would be there. Now imagine how annoyed I am by this point. Here I thought I would be going in for an hour or 2 to get checked and sent back home and we are now pushing the 6 hours mark… and for what? I wasn’t in labor!
  • 4:30pm: The nurse came back in and said “Well, you get to have a baby today!!!” Um, what??! She said I was on the fence of having a low-level of fluid left around the baby and although it wasn’t critically low, they wanted to admit and induce me since Hudson also had a decell during one of my contractions. Being full-term at 39 weeks, they didn’t want to take any chances an figured I was already there so why not have a baby. I called my parents, told them change of plans, we were staying and having a baby! I had to wait around in triage for another 2.5 hours for a bed to become available on labor and delivery (again, they were busy).
  • 7pm: Yay, there’s a room ready!
  • 8pm: Pitocin time
  • 9pm: Water was broke. That’s when the party really started. Contractions really kicked up.
  • 9:30pm: I was asking for my epidural (should have asked sooner!) Of course, going with the theme of the day, all of the anesthesiologists (they said they had 5 people there that could give one) were all in emergency c-sections and would have someone come up ASAP.
  • 10:30pm: I am gripping the bed rails wanting to die when my best friend walked in (aka my epidural).
  • 11pm: The epidural was taking a lot longer to kick in than it did with K  so the nurse decided to check and see how far along I was (before upping my dose). Sure enough, I was at 6cm. They upped my dose 🙂
  • 11:20pm: Still feeling some contractions, although it was more pressure than pain so the nurse wanted to check me again. She thought it was odd I could still feel them. After checking me (9cm and 0 station!!!) she said “ahh, that is why, epidural is having a hard time keeping up with how fast your body is changing”.
  • 11:25pm: The doctor walked in and said we need to wait until he moved into a +2 station. She watched me go through another contraction and asked if I was feeling pressure. I said “yes” so she decided to check me. 10cm and +2 station. Time to have a baby!
  • 11:35pm: Go time!
  • March 29th @ 12am: Um why am I still pushing? I heard 5-10 minutes for 2nd babies! Good thing, my epi was doing its job so I didn’t feel pain, just pressure. Dear God, I love epidurals. Apparently little guy wasn’t done turning  thus why I was still pushing.
  • March 29th @ 12:27am: Hudson Alexander came into the world!!! There is no better sound then the first cry of your baby. He was here, healthy and just perfect.

8 pounds, 7 ounces and 21 inches of pure perfection! 

He has blonde peach fuzz, blue eyes, long legs, arms, feet, and fingers!

Good Morning!

Just perfect!

Waiting for our little girl to get there and meet her baby brother!

She’s here!

Kyler was excited to meet him for about 3 minutes then moved onto the big windows. She said she was looking for alligators… yep, sounds about right.

My babies ❤

Meeting Grandma

Meeting Poppa

Meanwhile, Kyler was having fun playing in the curtains

She decided to come over and see Hudson again and introduce him to Mickey Mouse (already??)

Love my little man!

And Daddy does too!

Ready to leave!

We stayed the night and headed home at lunch time on Sunday. We were ready to get home and see our other munchkin and enjoy being a family of four!

That is Hudson’s Birth Story! Not at all what I expected but everything turned out great and now we have our sweet little boy ❤

2 Responses to “Hudson’s Birth Story”

  1. Robbie April 2, 2014 at 11:14 pm #

    Michelle, I really enjoy reading your blog! It’s a nice way to continue to keep up with your and Chris’ family. Congrats on Baby Hudson. He is so cute 🙂


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