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Hudson: 9 Weeks

31 May

Sweet Hudson is 9 weeks today!

Those big blue eyes ❀ They are getting bluer by the day! Read about his 2 month update here πŸ™‚

Hudson: Two Months

29 May

These past 2 months have been a blur! Here is what he was up to at One Month. I know, wasn’t a lot but he was only one month πŸ™‚

We hit up the doctor last week for his 2 month check-up. All is well and we basically found out he is huge. Yep, I already knew that but his numbers solidified that. Hudson was 14 pounds and 8 ounces at 7 weeks so I am sure he is at least 15 pounds now. He is also 25.5 inches tall. His weight and head were in the 97% percentiles while his length is way off the charts. The nurse asked if we started solids yet then stopped herself once she realized he was 7 weeks old. TheΒ doctor was laughing the whole time and said she can’t wait to see how big he turns out to be. We will all have to wait and see!


Weighed him on the 30th and he weighed 15 pounds, 9 ounces!!

We are wearing our 3-6 &Β 6 month clothes. I have been buying 6-9 & 9 months clothes now since they say they start at 15-16 pounds (and he is right there). He is wearing a size 2 diaper and if I put him in shoes, his toes hit the top of his size ones (the kid has monkey feet).

He is an okay napper and a pretty good sleeper. He seems to take more cat naps to me and startles very easy. The swing has become our friend and that seems to be the best place he can catch a nap without waking up every so often. He started sleeping in his crib at 5 weeks and loves is. He typically goes to bed between 7:30pm-8:30pm. We swaddle him up and put him to bed awake. It seems a bit early but that is what he likes! He will get fussy at the end of the day and you can tell when he wants to be swaddled and left alone so we just go with it. He will then sleep until 2-3am and wake up to eat. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, he will sleep until 7am before waking back up to eat.

We went through a rough fussy patch around 5-6 weeks but we have seemed to move out of that. I can tell he gets bored sometimes which will cause him to get a little fussy but some TLC usually does the trick! He has become a big fan of the paci and being swaddled. He seems to startle easy so his arms keep him up a bit πŸ™‚

Happy two months beastie boy!!

Throwback Thursday

29 May

Junior Year

Merritt Island High School class of 2004! Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I graduated High School!

Birthday Pranks: Bathroom Cubicle

27 May

Oh this is one of my favorites. We really took it up a notch with this prank. This was definitely more involved and isn’t the easiest to pull off if you don’t have the resources.

The Bathroom Cubicle. Sounds awesome, right? It’s because it is.

First things first. You need to hit up the Dollar Store and buy bathroom items. This means everything from necessities like Shampoo, Face Wash, Hand Soap to the “personal” items like butt cream, stool softener, and gas medicine. You also need to get other items like a bath mat, shower curtain, etc. If you have these things laying around the house, great! You will save money and time from having to return everything when you are done (shame shame).

We opted to go with a fun, kid like theme to make it more ridiculous. We lined up a toliet, sink, and floor tile with a partner of ours (this is where it helps to have resources) and started planning everything out.

When he left for work the day before his birthday, we swooped in and started taking everything down. Shortly after, the bathroom wall “tile” started going up. I will say, what made this prank over the top and legendary was the toilet, sink and floor tile. It really took it to another level. Also, pay attention to all the detail. We really thought everything through, down to putting a men’s restroom sign out in front of his desk.

Pretty sure Dan didn’t expect to walk in and see his desk transformed into a bathroom. Best part? He had to use the toilet as his computer chair for the day πŸ™‚

We even had his hometown newspaper sent in for some reading material πŸ™‚

If you can do this prank and pull it off right then I highly recommend it!

Make sure you read all of the other pranks! Plastic Wrap, Cups, Aluminum Foil, Cars, and Lawn Signs!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

26 May

What a long week (lots of photos this week too)! Chris and I were busy busy trying to get the outdoor kitchen finished for the holiday weekend.

I Chris started tiling on Monday. Messy!

I joined in on the action Tuesday. Took 4 nights to get the beast done (remember we have 2 kids to feed, bathe, and get ready for bed)!

Love lilies!!

I hadn’t gone through our wedding book for a while and happened to glance through it the other day. Although this makes me sad it also brought a smile to my face πŸ™‚

This big boy had his 2 month check-up this week. More to come on that visit on his 2 month post. Let’ just say, he is growing quickly!

Kyler wanted to be apart of Hudson’s 8 week photos

Love this smiley face πŸ™‚

Just love him!

For Easter, Kyler got a new pool towel. I really wanted to get Hudson one as well but the one I wanted was sold out. Well PBK got them back in and I love it! It’s the Octopus Mini towel and it’s perfect!

Kyler’s school pictures!

Hudson and I hit up BJ’s for some party supplies. Poor guy got buried!

We hung the lights at 10:30pm and stocked the fridge for the next day! Not like cutting it close πŸ™‚

We threw our first pool party this Memorial Day Weekend! It was 95 degrees out so it was a great day to be in the pool. My best girlfriends and their families came over and it was perfect! It was fun to think about where we were 10 years ago (lounging around a college apartment pool) to where we are now, laying around with our husbands and kiddos. Much different but still a blast! I am so fortunate to have such a close group of friends. We don’t get to spend as much time together anymore now that we have our own lives to live so I am so happy they were able to make it out!

Fun with Poppa

I made Peach Sangria!!

I used the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction but made some tweaks to it to make it a peach sangria instead. She calls for OJ but I opted for Peach Nectar. I think I bought the wrong Champagne (made it a bit too dry) so I ended up adding some sugar and peach schnapps to sweeten it up. It was yummy! Perfect for a HOT day!

Firing up the grill for the first time!!

Can’t forget about the drinks!

Our spread

Kyler and Greyson enjoying some snacks together

Besties ❀

We hit up our favorite breakfast place, Keke’s, Sunday morning. I love their apple cinnamon French Toast! Yum πŸ™‚

Kyler enjoyed some pancakes and fruit

Daddy and Hudson enjoyed their pancake as well πŸ˜‰

Helping Chris carry Hudson to the car ❀

My precious family ❀

We hit up Epcot later that day. Kyler rockedΒ the ole Red, White and Blue!

This little guy rode around in style too πŸ™‚

Checking out Nemo

This Memorial Day we had the Gilbertson’s over for some steaks and corn on the cob. We are loving our new grill!

My Cutie on Duty!!

My fishy

I can’t wait to put the finishing touches on the kitchen and share it with you!!! Here is a sneak peak πŸ™‚

I hope everyone had a great and safe Memorial Day Weekend!!!! Thank you to all of you that have served and those of you that continue to serve. USA all the way baby!

Hudson: 8 Weeks

24 May

8 weeks old already!! I can’t believe how fast he is growing. Β He’s on a whole other level.

He is starting to smile a little bit more which makes this mamma very happy!

My sweet boy came back this week. No crazy fussy fits anymore! He has been going to bed between 8-9 and sleeping until 3ish to eat. He passes back out until 6, give or take. Not too bad!

I only have 2 more weeks left with this little guy before I go back to work. Total bummer 😦

Throwback Thursday

22 May

December 21, 2012

My girl Carrie and I at the Amway Center (ya know because we are on a first name basis and all). What a night!

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