Birthday Pranks: Cars

6 May

This is a 2-in-1 post here. Messing with someone’s car is always fun and why not do it on their birthday? To me, it’s always fun to use something about a person’s background or personality and go off that.

Take this car for example. Dan is from Wisconsin and worked on a dairy farm for a bit. This fun fact is the basis of on-going jokes about him and cows (immature? sure but it’s funny so who cares).

He used to drive this beat up black car that he loved so much. We decided to turn it into a cow, ya know… to make him feel more at home.

It was pretty funny to see his facial expression when it was time to leave for the day. Pretty sure he said something along the lines of “Ugh, is that a cow? Ughhh that’s a cow.” Yep Dan, it was a cow and you had to drive home like that 🙂


Onto the next prank. This one was a little more complex. The boys snuck away in the morning, grabbed my keys out of my purse (how dare they right ladies?!) and drove my car into the building. Yep, right onto the concourse of the arena. Not only did they move my car to the 3rd floor of the arena, they decorated it with “diva” sayings and cutout of Marilyn Monroe with my face on it.

It gets better….how I came across it was even worse.

We walk by this spot on the way out to the garage so as we were leaving to go to lunch, this is what I saw coming off the stairs. Oh and like 20 people saying surprise and filming me. My reaction was something like “Are you f-ing serious? OMG, you guys moved my car up here?!?!”

Pretty legendary in my book!

You may not be able to drive your co-workers car into your place of business but I am sure you can find many things to do with his/her car!

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