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Hudson: 12 Weeks

21 Jun

Buddy boy is 12 weeks old today! To me, it seems like he went from the newborn stage to the infant stage overnight. I am sure him being in daycare and me being back at work made seems things instant as well.

His personality is starting to take shape and it’s been fun to see. He is really a happy little boy.

He loves to look at lights now! He swats at his toys and “talks” to them too. It’s so cute 🙂 He doesn’t seem to mind tummy time that much either. I remember Kyler screaming as soon as I put her on her belly. Not this kid. He doesn’t like to be on his belly long but he doesn’t mind it for a little bit.

Wowza have these past 12 weeks FLOWN by. I know it will keep getting faster and that gives me more reason why I am trying to hang on to every moment.

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