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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

29 Jun

Mr. Serious

This is how I watch the World Cup.

Later that evening, I stuck around for the Magic Draft Party and to see our 1st round draft picks.

I mean, really?!?! Is he not the cutest??

Miss Kyler is FINALLY letting us read to her again. I finally found the trick. I have to tell her “It’s Daddy/Mommy’s turn to read and then when he/I am done then it’s Kyler’s turn. Only took 6 months to figure that out!!! She is into Green Eggs and Ham right now.

A very hot (95 degrees) weekend meant time in the pool!

Even Hudson got in! His first time in the pool! Look at that chunky boy 🙂

Kyler has been having fun “jumping” into the pool. By jumping I mean flopping on her belly.

I know it may not look like it here but Hudson actually liked the pool! Side note: Kyler looks ridiculous in this picture. Goofy girl plus a belly full of air and pool water.

Mean muggin’

My fishy

Loungin’ with Mom

Fun times in the exersaucer

She loves him

Princess Sofia everyone

Kyler: “Hello? I am on the phone with Daddy” Me: “Oh, you are? Is it important?” Kyler: “Yeah, I am on an important call”

Mighty cute indeed

Dress-Up and baby dolls

This happened. I have GOT to start working out…. this baby weight needs to go and needs to go fast!

Pretty little thing

Kyler does what Kyler wants… like sitting right on Dad

Was pretty excited to see this today at Publix, decided to try it out!

It was a busy weekend full of quality time with my babes. Looking forward to a short week at work then more quality time with them!!! Have a great holiday week!!!

Hudson: Three Months

29 Jun

This wide eyed happy boy is 3 months old today if you can believe it!!! Here is what he was up to last month.

He is such a sweet and happy little guy. He is all smiles after a good night’s sleep or a good nap. He goes to bed around 7:30-8pm (swaddled of course) and depending on how sleepy he is… sometimes with the paci and sometimes without. He has been waking up twice a night for the last week but I am hoping that will stop. I rarely have to give him the paci after he eats (we will see what happens when I stop feeding him in the middle of the night). He is still all over the place in terms of what time he wakes up to eat. Sometimes 12:30, sometimes 2:30, sometimes he goes all the way until 4:30-5… he is really unpredictable. As for naps, he still isn’t on a great schedule yet. He has been at daycare for a couple weeks but I am sure they will get him on one.

He is doing so great with his head and neck control. He loves to sit up and look around. Recently, he has been using the Bumbo at school. Kyler was never a fan but he doesn’t seem to like it. Only problem is his little chunk chunk legs already have to squeeze in there so I don’t think we will be able to use it long.

Speaking of chunk…. homeboy is probably around the 17 1/2lb mark. I have no clue how long he is. We were supposed to go to the kidney doctor next week but it was pushed back.

Yes, a kidney doctor. During an ultrasound I had at 32 weeks preggo, they noticed dilation with his kidneys. They have checked 2 more times since he has been born (2 days old and 5 weeks old) and it is still there. They call it Hydronephrosis. It simply means that the inside of the kidneys are dilated and have fluid sitting in them. He has a mild case of it and we still don’t really know what it all means. After his 5 weeks ultrasound, we saw a specialist and he wanted to repeat the ultrasound when he is a few weeks older. Apparently babies can outgrow it or it can get better over time. As of now, we don’t know why they are dilated, ie is it reflux where the urine goes back from the bladder to the kidney, is it a blockage in the tube, or was it something that was blocked in utero and it corrected itself but the inside never went down. Regardless, the specialist didn’t seem all too concerned with it because his kidney function is great, anatomy is great and the ultrasound only shows a mild dilation.

He has been “talking” the last week or two. It’s mainly coos and ahhss and it’s pretty freaking adorable. He love when people look at him and smile. He usually flashes a smile back with some sort of sound. He started drooling the last couple of days too. I know he is still super young but he doesn’t seem like a sleepy little newborn to me anymore! Maybe because he isn’t so little and he is super alert but I am soaking up the snuggly part. My favorite thing about a baby!

Happy 3 months little dude!

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