Weekend Update with the Jenkinsons: July 4th Edition

6 Jul

Indoor go-kart racing for a work outing… so fun!


She loves her baby bro!

Love my sweet boy ❤

Reading with Daddy

One of our turtles decided to lay an egg (and now has laid a total of 3). Insert me freaking out here. After some research, we really think we have 2 female turtles which mean there are no babies in the eggs (thank God!)

Hudson is very talkative these days

This happened all weekend…. yup, potty training round 2

Hudson’s first 4 of July!!

Tummy time for the babe

This is what our 4th looked like for the first part of the day: rain, rain, rain….ugh!

We were still able to get some pool time in and celebrate America!

Yummy watermelon

Burgers and Dogs… America


Fireworks!!!! Kyler is obsessed

I mean how freaking cute is he?!?!?

More fireworks after Hudson went to sleep.

Watching Dad set off fireworks

Mommy and Hudson selfie

The Beast taking a snooze

My bestie of 18+ years is moving out of state in a couple weeks 😦 We had one last girls night before she leaves! I will miss her soooo much!

It was great to catch up with friends I don’t get to see enough!

He thinks Daddy is pretty funny

Sunday errands with Mom!

Kyler LOVES to dance and loves a good beat

This big girl got a cake pop for no accidents at Target!

Getting some sun time in while the kiddos took naps

Play time with the mini mes

Homemade stir-fry for dinner… yum!

Long weekend and awesome weekend with the fam 🙂

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