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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

27 Jul

Just goofing off before bedtime

Already getting into Mommy’s shoes and jewelry

All snuggled up for bed

Kyler read Batman to Hudson before bed. No joke, he was super into it.

Holy rolls!!! Love my little chub bub

So sad this is blurry but hard to keep steady when little Miss is sitting next to you 🙂

The fruit and sorbet at Bahama Breeze are no joke. Yummy!

Hit up the park for Kyler’s 2.5 year old pictures. Her best bud Kenley!!

Just love them to pieces!

And of course the many faces of Hudson

Working on his fitness

Swimming in the lazy river!

She loves her Grandma and Poppa

Buddy boy is getting so great at grabbing for his toys!

Puzzles with Kyler. It amazes me how smart she is getting ❤

Tonight, we are working on getting everything hooked up and running with the new computer….and the new cable modem. Ours got struck by lightning yesterday 😦 Thankfully, everything was on a power surge so the only thing that went was the modem.

Nighty night!

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