Hudson: Four Months

29 Jul

Big Man is 4 months today!! See what he was up to last month.

About a week and half ago he had his 4 month check-up and everything went great. We talked about stopping swaddling (which we did) and that I could stop feeding him in the middle of the night. He is still waking up in the middle of the night but he has been making it longer and longer so hopefully that is a sign. Poor guy got his 4 month shots but he handled it like a champ.


Height: Just shy of 28 inches (guessing he is 28 now) putting him at 99%+ (he is way off)
Weight: 17 pounds, 14 ounces (again, guessing he is at least 18 now) putting him at 95%
Head: 17.13 inches putting him at 97%

He still hasn’t rolled over (and honestly doesn’t even seem that interested) but he picks his chest and head up really well. He tends to move his upper body side to side rather than roll (almost like he is going to get up and crawl). I am sure the rolling over will come. He had pretty good head control, however, he still has the occasional head bob. He loves to stand up. He has been having a good time in the exersaucer and jumperoo. He has started grabbing his toys and loves his snuggies. He loves to grab them and bring them up to his mouth. He drools must more than K did but not sure what that will mean. He is just a happy and content little guy for the most part. He LOVES to track you across the room. I feel like anywhere I go he is watching like a hawk. I have noticed him trying to watch some TV lately too when it’s on for Kyler so I need to start getting him on the floor or busting out some new toys to stop him from doing that.

I still have no plans to start food yet. I honestly think we will wait closer to 5-6 months but we will see how this next month goes. He seems fine without it, although, he has been watching us eat lately. K did too and she hated ALL foods until she was 7.5 months old. So no rush here 🙂

I think we will be retiring out infant car seat in the next month or so. We already have a convertible so not really a biggie. It’s just kind of crazy how quickly he is growing out of it. I only have 2 more inches to go! Plus, carrying him in the infant seat is killing me. He is just too big. I think this weekend we are going to try him out in the big seat of the stroller. He is certainly big enough to go in it, I just don’t know if he is strong enough. It does recline so that should help.

He is pretty much rocking the 6-12 month size right now. Because of that, I only buy 12 month things now. What size is this kid going to be in when he is One? Crazy to think about. We are still shoeless mainly because his feet are too skinny for how long they are. He is probably a size 3 right now.

As I have said before, he is such a happy and easy going boy. He really loves Kyler and loves to watch her. He is very observant in general. It’s so fun to see his little personality develop. Happy 4 months Huddy Boy!

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