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Hudson: Six Months

29 Sep

Wow. 6 Months already. I swear I just wrote his 5 month update like 4 days ago. These past 6 months have gone by much faster than my first 6 months with Kyler. While he is so much fun now, I am a bit sad that his sweet snuggly newborn days are long over.

Hudson loves his food. So much so that we added lunch to his day starting today. We had our check-up with the doctor and she said go for it. If he wants to eat more, give him more food. Chris and I joke (half-serious) that this boy is going to eat us out of house and home when he is older. He loves his fruits but tolerates the veggies. He really isn’t a fan of the green ones but oh well, gotta eat em! I do need to get better at making food myself, but, I am not going to stress about it. If I have time, great, if not, oh well. He is still drinking 5 times a day, however, we may adjust him to 4 depending on how he does with 3 meals a day. I would say he is getting about 28-30 ounces a day currently.

He is sleeping much better than the last update, however, he still wakes up about 1-3 times a night. Nothing bag, just wants his paci put back in. He is getting better reaching for it himself so hopefully this will get even better in the next few weeks. He is definitely not the sound sleeper his big sis is. He wakes up easily and is harder to get down for naps.

He is sitting up so well by himself now. He still topples over but I know that will change in the next couple of weeks. He is pushing up to his knees now so I have a feeling the rocking (and then the crawling) will be next! He has recently discovered that his jumper actually jumps so he is having a great time doing that.

He smiles all. the. time. I mean it. The kid will smile at anyone or anything. So happy go lucky. He is so photogenic too! A camera comes out and he is all smiles.

Here is a look back

One Month:

Two Months:

Three Months:

Four Months:

Five Months:

Six Months:

Happy half birthday little man! We love you!!!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

28 Sep

You know you are a 90’s kid when you are SO excited they brought Surge back. A friend from work hooked me up with this and I am saving it for a day when I need that extra push 🙂

We had Magic U, our annual kickoff to the new season at the Orlando Science Center. Eating lunch with the dinosaurs, pretty cool!

Just some of my work peeps!

She loves her baby brother

He is getting so strong!

Still smiling after a face plant

This chunky monkey had his 6 month check-up. All is well 🙂 I could just squeeze and love on him all day!

Terrified, Hudson? You should be!

I have a feeling that sooner than later he will be bigger than her….

Kyler’s BEAUTIFUL version of Let It Go. She has a bright future in signing I think 🙂

Thanks to a friend, we scored some free Universal passes that expired soon. There isn’t too much at the parks for the kids to do (well really nothing for Hudson) but we seized the opportunity and enjoyed the day.

Kyler just watched her first episode of Scooby Doo the other day so she was excited to see him.

We really have to work on her picture smile haha. She has no clue who these guys are but she loves her dinosaurs

She loves Curious George!

Riding the roller coaster with Chris

We took the new Harry Potter Train over to Island of Adventure. Super cute ride!

Just chewing away on his sippy cup

Kyler rode 3 different roller coasters! After this one, she told me she didn’t want to try it again (it went a tad too fast).

We got through both parks in a little over 4 hours. I kind of wish it were just Chris and I because the parks were dead and we would have been able to ride a lot! Chris and I were just talking about how lucky our kids are to be able to go to these places whenever we want. I know there are a lot of families that save up money to be able to come to Disney and Universal and we are fortunate to be able to go for a few hours on a Sunday.

Afterwards, we hit up Publix and Hudson rode in the cart for the first time!

It felt like a quick and short weekend but at least I had some QT with the fam. Happy Sunday!

Hudson: 26 Weeks

28 Sep

Hudson is 26 weeks!!

More on this guy in his 6 month post!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

21 Sep

Sickness is the theme of the week for this family. Throughout the week, Chris and I took turns staying home with them. The nurse said they had Hand, Food and Mouth, however, I am not sold. Kyler didn’t even remotely act sick, just had a temp, but Hudson had a temp followed by a body rash. We thought he was getting better then got sick a few times on Thursday. Regardless, both are troopers and seem to be better now!

He isn’t eating puffs yet but he loves to play with them. Great for fine tuning his fine motor skills!

Look at that boy! Just love him.

He is getting SO good at sitting up by himself too.

Crazy Kyler

We hung with the Gilbertsons the other night. The girls had a dance party.

And sweet Hudson just enjoying the show

We headed to the store today to look at bikes and came across this. So sweet.

Hudson: 25 Weeks

20 Sep

This turkey is 25 weeks old today!

This week, he caught a little cold. The nurse said he (and Kyler) had Hand, Foot and Mouth, however, I am not sold. Regardless, he had a fever but not much else. He is feeling much better now. He has gotten much better at sitting up by himself this week. I can tell he just wants to move so bad. He gets around pretty well for a little guy that can’t crawl. He is pushing up on his arms much more now so I am sure once he figures out how to crawl, he will be a busy little guy.

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

14 Sep

Miss Sassy pants before Grandma’s House

This girl will be READY for Fall and cooler weather. We already stocked her up with 3 new pairs of boots and we may add another one to the mix. Crazy? Maybe but she loves them and so do I!

Out for a walk with my minis. I mean how cute are they?!?!

I can’t get over how much they look alike!

Deep in thought

Queen Elsa everyone

She has asked to go back to “Mommy’s work” because that is where Disney on Ice was. Oh sweetie, thankfully I don’t work where it’s Disney on Ice 24/7.

We hit up with splash pad this weekend to get some relief from the hot sun!

Not a care in the world

Watching this monkey run around on the playground

And as a bonus, Kona Ice happened to be there for the soccer games. Don’t mind if I do!

I know it’s supposed to be almost Fall and all but it’s still hot as a B here so we are taking advantage of the pool as much as we can!

Sunday football at our house. Not sure why he looks so pissed, his team won! No joke, Hudson watched football like a hawk. I don’t think he is feeling 100% so he was content just relaxing on the couch.

Hudson: 24 Weeks

14 Sep

The big guy is 24 weeks old now! I blink and another week passes by.

He is in the stage where he wants to grab everything. This picture is the perfect example.

He is also sitting up for short periods of time!

Nothing more than a few seconds at a time but he will get there soon enough!

He is such a good baby! Happy happy most of the time. Well except for nighttime when he decides he wants to cry and wake up. I think he may be finally getting over the fact I won’t feed him anymore but now he is looking for his paci. I have a feeling we will be letting him cry it out soon which I am not looking forward to. He is still eating like a champ. This kids LOVES his solids and eats his meals within a matter of a couple minutes. I honestly think we could add a third meal but I am waiting until we see the pediatrician which will be in a couple weeks. I am thinking she will say go for it which I know he will be happy about that!

the life of a toddler

8 Sep

Mom: Ugh, Fenway (the cat) peed in her playroom
Me: Fen peed in my playroom?
Mom: Yeah, sorry sweetie, let Daddy clean it up. He is a bad kitty
Me: He’s a bad kitty?
Mom: Yep, bad kitty
Me: Meow, meow I’m a kitty!
***3 minutes later***
Mom: Kyler, why are you wet? Did you pee?
Me: Yeah
Mom: Why??? Why didn’t you tell me you had to go?
Me: I’m a kitty too. I peed in the playroom!


 I need 2 cookies, I have 2 fingers


Me: You need some sunscreen? Here you go (dab Mom’s face). Beep beep
Me: You need sunscreen too Daddy? Here you go (dap Dad’s face). Beep beep
Continue for 30 minutes at 10 o’clock at night while on vacation


Me: (Hudson pulled a chunk of my hair out- crying). I need to use my phone to call Mamma and Poppa. 
Me on fake phone: Hello, Mamma and Poppa? Hudson he pulled my hair it hurt, okay Mamma? Goodbye.


 I need to catch a fishy. I need to catch a turtle too.


Dad: Kyler, when I say “We Are! You say Penn State!”
Mom: Nooo, Kyler say Go Knights!
Dad: Nooo go Penn State
Mom: Kyler say we like the Knights, Penn State is booo
Me: Go Knights!!!
Dad: Noooo, say Go Penn State!
Me: No Daddy, I don’t like Penn Steak, Penn Steak is yucky, it’s dirty
Dad: No, Penn State Kyler… not Penn Steak
Me: I don’t like Penn Steak. Go Knights!

Fast forward to game day

Me: Yayy Go Penn State and Go Knights!



I’m crazzzyyy

This is my Ammo Bud

You guys ready?

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

7 Sep

After work shenanigans

Yep, this happens about 5 times a day


Long boy in his 12 month pjs

K for Kyler

Chris went out to watch football so Kyler and I had some girl time after Hudson went to sleep

We hit up Disney on Ice presents Frozen this weekend. I had a few things to do in the office beforehand.

Watching her drum solo

Waiting for the show to start!

Today we celebrated my cousin’s 11th birthday!

Kyler had fun with all of her cousins

Sweet Hudson snoozed most of the time

She is hot mess. Why not crush up the goldfish and spill them all over herself, right?

Our Patriots did not kick off the year great. Hopefully this won’t be a long season. Regardless, Hudson looks so damn cute rockin’ his Pats gear!

Thank you jumperoo for entertaining this guy while I cook dinner!

Hudson: 23 Weeks

6 Sep

These cute little cheeks turned 23 weeks old today. Nothing too new in the world of Hudson. He is still eating great (can’t you tell), sleeping not so great and happy as can be. His favorite foods so far are sweet potatoes and peaches. The kid loves them! He started blowing bubbles this week so that is what he likes to do most of he time. This past week I washed some of this 12 months clothes (see outfit above) so we have been moving into that. It’s kind of funny that I am now shopping in the toddler section for my 5 month old. I picked up a lot more 12 month and 18 month things but if I see some cute 2T things, I scoop them up as well. He is getting really strong too. He likes to leg press his big sister’s seat when they are in the double stroller. I am not sure how much she likes it. He has a ridiculous grip and moves around quite well on the floor. It is going by so fast!! Slow down sweet boy!

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