Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

1 Sep

We started off the week making a cake for Chris’ 35 birthday. Kyler helped out. She was more interested in eating the peanut butter cups though.

This guy went in the swing for the first time. Stop getting so big!!!

Chris’ birthday dinner. He is such a simple guy and I love it!

Thank you Google+ 🙂

Happy Birthday to the BEST husband, dad, and friend in the world!

My 35 year old husband got Legos for this birthday. And he was so excited 🙂

Okay Kyler needs to stop getting so big too! Ugh, when did she get so old 😥

College football is back! My school (the best one ever) UCF played Chris’ school (Penn State).

Ready for the big game! I loved the 8:30am start time (thank you Dublin)

He was all smiled after his team SQUEAKED by and beat us in the last few seconds. sigh.

This sweet boy turned 5 months old!

One of my best friends moved about 5 miles down the road and we swung by to see the new place!

She had a good time checking out the place!

On Sunday, we headed back to my parents and took the boat out.

Hudon’s first time on the boat!

Kyler and Poppa just loungin’ on the sand bar

Chris and Hudson!

She had a blast out there

and Hudson was GREAT!

My sweet boy

Being out there made me realize that I am pretty lucky to have grown up there and live in Florida. Doesn’t get much better!

Poppa and Hudson!

She loved her Daddy

We followed a pod of 15-20 or so dolphins on the way back to the dock.

This girl played too hard and passed out in Grandma’s arms on the way back. She didn’t wake up until we got back to Orlando.

He is trying to chew on anything he can. Drool face!

This little guy is starting to love his doggies ❤

Our Labor Day consisted of a quick trip to the mall with some pool time.

and of course, play time!

Back to reality tomorrow!!

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