Hudson: 23 Weeks

6 Sep

These cute little cheeks turned 23 weeks old today. Nothing too new in the world of Hudson. He is still eating great (can’t you tell), sleeping not so great and happy as can be. His favorite foods so far are sweet potatoes and peaches. The kid loves them! He started blowing bubbles this week so that is what he likes to do most of he time. This past week I washed some of this 12 months clothes (see outfit above) so we have been moving into that. It’s kind of funny that I am now shopping in the toddler section for my 5 month old. I picked up a lot more 12 month and 18 month things but if I see some cute 2T things, I scoop them up as well. He is getting really strong too. He likes to leg press┬áhis big sister’s seat when they are in the double stroller. I am not sure how much she likes it. He has a ridiculous grip and moves around quite well on the floor. It is going by so fast!! Slow down sweet boy!

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