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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

14 Sep

Miss Sassy pants before Grandma’s House

This girl will be READY for Fall and cooler weather. We already stocked her up with 3 new pairs of boots and we may add another one to the mix. Crazy? Maybe but she loves them and so do I!

Out for a walk with my minis. I mean how cute are they?!?!

I can’t get over how much they look alike!

Deep in thought

Queen Elsa everyone

She has asked to go back to “Mommy’s work” because that is where Disney on Ice was. Oh sweetie, thankfully I don’t work where it’s Disney on Ice 24/7.

We hit up with splash pad this weekend to get some relief from the hot sun!

Not a care in the world

Watching this monkey run around on the playground

And as a bonus, Kona Ice happened to be there for the soccer games. Don’t mind if I do!

I know it’s supposed to be almost Fall and all but it’s still hot as a B here so we are taking advantage of the pool as much as we can!

Sunday football at our house. Not sure why he looks so pissed, his team won! No joke, Hudson watched football like a hawk. I don’t think he is feeling 100% so he was content just relaxing on the couch.

Hudson: 24 Weeks

14 Sep

The big guy is 24 weeks old now! I blink and another week passes by.

He is in the stage where he wants to grab everything. This picture is the perfect example.

He is also sitting up for short periods of time!

Nothing more than a few seconds at a time but he will get there soon enough!

He is such a good baby! Happy happy most of the time. Well except for nighttime when he decides he wants to cry and wake up. I think he may be finally getting over the fact I won’t feed him anymore but now he is looking for his paci. I have a feeling we will be letting him cry it out soon which I am not looking forward to. He is still eating like a champ. This kids LOVES his solids and eats his meals within a matter of a couple minutes. I honestly think we could add a third meal but I am waiting until we see the pediatrician which will be in a couple weeks. I am thinking she will say go for it which I know he will be happy about that!

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