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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

19 Oct

So you probably know by now that Kyler sure does love her clothes and I sure do love to buy them for her! She never turns down the opportunity to wear a dress 🙂

Look at that pose…. such a little model! Agents, hit me up on e-mail 😉

This poor kid had to go to the doctor this week.

Which lead to snuggles in bed. I was perfectly fine with that 🙂

He was a trooper while I got some work done!

I had my first game on the 2014-2015 NBA season this past week and damn did I feel it!

Kyler went back to Miss Heidi with Swim Sprouts this week for a Fall refresher/swim test. She did great!

Fall may be here but in Florida it is just barely starting to show itself and we are starting to take advantage!

We celebrated Kyler’s bestie Kenley’s birthday this weekend!

Look at that cake! LOVE!

Happy Birthday Kenley!

The boys!

So fun now that Hudson is sitting up and playing with toys!

I can’t keep this child out of the freaking fridge lately! She now helps herself to yogurt and applesauce.

Love these 2 🙂

We took photos in the park today. Here is a sneak peek!

Have I said how much I love the playroom lately? Seriously, it’s the jam 🙂

She is the best big sis. Sharing her new toys with her baby bro!

Happy Huddy!

Hudson: 29 Weeks

19 Oct

Another week older!

This cutie was not feeling so hot this past week. He had RSV and was home from school for a few days.

He is much better now and was able to go back to school on Friday. He still has a stuffy nose and a cough every now and then, however, the fever is gone and he is getting back to his old ways.

He wants to spend most of his time on his belly because he likes to practice getting up. Not too much longer and we will have a crawler! I love love love this stage! He sits up great and loves to play with toys but can’t take off on me 🙂 I am going to enjoy it while I can, I know it won’t last long!

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