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Hudson: 34 Weeks

22 Nov

This red nose cutie is still battling a cold. We have been to the doctor’s twice, however, it is just a bad cold apparently. He is still 21 pounds. Funny how the first few months this boy was packing on the weight like crazy but now it has slowed to a trickle. I’m not complaining, he is still my little squishy 🙂

Hudson is still not crawling, however, is showing signs of trying to pull himself up. I hope he doesn’t think he can just skip the crawling stage because that’s not happening. Still, he gets around pretty well.

He is eating more and more finger foods. He loves yogurt melts and baby rice cakes and is still obsessed with puffs. He isn’t sure what to do with peas and just leaves them in his mouth. Gross. I do need to step up my games to soft fruits like pears and make him some sweet potato cubes. In time people.

He is still not the greatest sleeper like his big sis was but he is MUCH better. I get more and more full nights of sleep now which is definitely helping me out. This cold has knocked him back a bit but I don’t blame him.

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