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TOTally Obsessed Tuesday

30 Dec

I took last week off since it was the holidays but I am back for another week! Go to Basement State of Mind to see what Jenn is loving this week!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday:: This Grey House

1. Superhero shirt

My girl loves superheros and I am loving that they are coming out with more and more for girls! Keep it coming!

2. Mickey Shirt

Being that we live in the Mouse’s backyard and go there quite often, I feel like Hud needs this!

3. Alligator BFF shirts

Jenn actually showed me this one a few weeks back and I keep thinking how obsessed I am with it! I think my kiddos may need this sooner rather than later 🙂

4. Lego Disney Princess

Ariel and Frozen

Yep, we hopped on the Lego train. Kyler got a bunch of Christmas and she loves the Disney Princess line. They are a bit big for her but it is something she and her dad do together! Check out the newest ones above! They are supposed to be released after the new year but you can pick them up now or head to Target and Toys R Us as some of them have them up already! ps…. don’t buy the Frozen set on Amazon right now, it is only $40 in store!

5. VTech Train

The good ole VTech Train. Hudson just got this for Christmas and he is obsessed already. This is honestly one of the best gifts for a babe!

Hudson: Nine Months

29 Dec

My sweet Hud is 9 months old!! I cannot believe that I will start planning a 1st birthday in the next month or so.

He is still growing like a weed planted in Miracle Gro. He went to the doctors on Christmas Eve with pink eye and turned out he had an ear infection to. Since he was already there, they decided to just go ahead and give him his 9 month check up. He is 22 pounds, putting him in the 87% percentile for weight and 30 5/8 inches tall, putting him in the 100%+ percentile again. He is the same height at many kids that are older than him (which isn’t shocking considering Chris is so tall) but still funny none the less. People are always shocked to hear he isn’t one yet. You definitely feel like you should be able just put him down and watch him walk away. He is still wearing size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes for the most part. Depending on the cut and style, he can still wear some 12 month clothes but we mainly buy him 18 month+ now. He even wears some 2T pjs, however, I must say they run super small. He is wearing size 5 shoes, which by the way, we are trying to get better at wearing. He likes to curl up his toes when I put them on but he is still more and more used to it.

He is still my little eater! He still takes 4 bottles a day, although I think in the next month we will drop the first bottle in the morning. He has 3 meals a day of purred food but we are now offering him finger foods along with it. The other day he had some of Kyler’s chicken and he ate it right up. He even had prime rib on Christmas Eve! The only thing I have found that he absolutely refused is mashed potatoes. SO WEIRD! He gags on them and shakes his head no. I don’t know if it’s the texture or taste but it’s just weird. His bottom gums are super swollen right now so I know some teeth are about to make their appearance which will help with all those finger foods. He loves Cheerios now! He can put away quite a bit 🙂 He isn’t the best with sippy cups we are are working on it!

Well it may have taken him a while for him to crawl but man, once he started he hasn’t slowed down. He gets into everything! He pulls himself up on to everything and anything and has no fear. He holds onto things with one hand. It’s funny because when you put him down he just takes off. Definitely on a mission.

He finally started saying mama after only saying dada for a while. The other day, he picked up a ball and held it up to show me and said ba! I think he starting to get it!

He is such a good baby. He is just so relaxed and happy most of the time. He is so sweet and loves to snuggle. He is very ticklish, just like mom and big sis. He will go to pretty much anyone with no fuss. Hudson smiles and laughs a lot and is a lot of fun to be around. He loves bath time but hates getting changed! He just screams when you try to put clothes on him. Probably because he has to sit still! He has pretty sensitive skin right now. I just switched his soap to a even milder soap and have been using some lotion on his legs to try and help with the little bumps (I think eczema).

Happy 9 Months sweet boy!!!!!

Hudson: 39 Weeks

29 Dec

Hudson turned 39 weeks on Saturday! 9 Month update coming soon!!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons: Christmas Edition

28 Dec

What a fun busy and long week!! I thought I skipped a weekend update but I guess I didn’t…. just a lot of things happened between last week and now!

Visiting the penguins at SeaWorld. My fav 🙂

Shark Tank!

Apparently I have an annoyed teenager… Just look at that face!

I chased this wild child around the big rope net…. I haven’t been on that thing since I was a kid!

She got to meet the Big Man one more time!

Baking cookies for Santa!

Took a break to read Hudson a book ❤

Christmas Eve we went over to my parents house for dinner. Enjoying some Hot Cocoa 🙂

Kyler and Hudson both received a gift and were excited to open them!

Leaving out cookies for Santa!

We are ready for the big day!

Christmas Morning!

Seeing her gifts for the first time…. so happy!

Opening up their gifts!

Kyler testing out her bike from Santa!

Hudson with Great Grandma

She is ready for Christmas dinner!

Kyler and Emma

She loves her cousin Emma!

Helping Dad with the White Elephant gift exchange

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

When did Hudson turn 2? Okay that may be dramatic but he looks so big!

The next day, I had to work but the kids came up and visited. Hudson’s first Magic game!

Side note, I love this photo… haha… she was not too happy

The next morning, I took K for some special Mommy and Kyler time. We hit up Chick-fila breakfast and then got pedicures after!

Yes, you read that right. I went with the intention of just getting her toes painted. I knew they had this cute little kid chairs and just wanted them to put some water in so she could pretend but they told me it had to be a pedicure. I thought “yeah right, good luck” but she surprised me and loved it!

Complete with a leg massage. Seriously.

Such a diva

Afterwards, we went for a bike ride and to my surprise, she was AWESOME at it. So fast!

Actually, so fast that I had to stop back at the house and get my bike to keep up.

While we were out doing all of that, Chris started organizing the garage which was MUCH needed

Little guy wasn’t too far away

Hudson loves his train

Look Mom, one hand!

I love love love my necklace from Three Sisters 🙂

My cousins from North Carolina are in town and we headed back to the Island for a family get together. Kyler and her 2nd cousin Miller (who is only about 10 months older than Kyler) playing. I wish they were able to see each other more because I think they would get along great!


Kyler and her cousin Reid pretending to sleep 🙂

We had an AWESOME holiday week and a great Christmas! It was filled with lots of family time and we made some great memories. Hudson had a great 1st Christmas and is happy to finally have some toys of his own 🙂 I hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

DIY Christmas Stocking Ladder

22 Dec

I have been looking for a new way to hang my stockings and came across these ladders all over Pinterest. Each one was completely different but it came down to the same thing….. rustic ladder with some hooks. I leaned on my hubby a bit for this project 🙂

Chris picked up some 1×4’s and 1×6’s at the store. We already had the dark stain at home. We determined the height and Chris played around with cutting the ends (to better lean against the wall) and he got to work!

DIY Ladder by This Grey House

The Kreg Jig is a great invest and way to hide all of the screws!

After the stain dried, he took some steel wool to it so distress is a bit.

All assembled

DIY ladder by This Grey House

We installed some hooks (smallest I could find at the store but honestly love how they look on it!)

DIY Ladder by This Grey House

I added some Christmas Garland to spurce it up for the holidays… wreath look familiar 🙂

DIY Stocking Ladder by This Grey House

I love how it turned out!!!

DIY Stocking Christmas Ladder by This Grey House

DIY Christmas Stocking Ladder by This Grey House

DIY Stocking Christmas Ladder by This Grey House

Merry Christmas!

DIY Christmas Stocking Ladder by This Grey House

Also, a special thanks to Chris’ Aunt Cindy for making 3 out of the 4 stockings! Chris’ was made from his Nana. We love out homemade stockings!!

I plan on removing the garland after Christmas and using it to hang blankets pictures frames from it!

For more projects and inspiration, check out the other blogs in the A Pinterest Christmas series [Emerald City Diaries | Greg & MaggiThe Gilbertson Family |The Pena Family | This Grey House | Without A Doubt]. Share your Pinterest Christmas projects with us! Comment on one of our blogs, link back to a post, or use #PinterestChristmas2014 on Instagram!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

22 Dec

I miss my mini while I am at work

But I also miss this stud too 🙂

A little Christmas party with some of my favs 🙂

Super models!

Starting to find buddy boy like this in the mornings!

Coming in hot!

Giving her brother a concert!

We hit up Hollywood Studios this weekend to take in the Christmas lights. Sweet Hudson!

K loved the lights!

As close to snow as we are going to get!

Love her and love Christmas time!

Checking out the snow….he loved it!

We took PB & J out for a little walk around the backyard. Ammo was never too far behind….

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Hudson: 38 Weeks

20 Dec

The big guy is 38 weeks! Already! I don’t remember time flying by THIS fast with K…. I look at this picture and wonder how and when did he get this old? He ate pieces of chicken today. Like cut up. Not purred. And he handled it just fine. 😦

He is crawling SO good! He is getting much faster but not fast enough for him. The guy tries to crawl as fast as he can that sometimes he does these little hops to try and push himself forward. Too funny. And of course is already pulling himself up on everything he can. I noticed today that he attempted to sit down on his own (after standing).

Happy 38 bud!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday

16 Dec

 Take a look below to see what I am loving this week for my tots! Also, don’t forget to head over to Basement State of Mind to see she what she is obsessing over!

1. Elf on the Shelf

Yep. We love Dolf (the name of our elf). We don’t get too crazy with him but Kyler had a great time running around the house trying to find him everyday!  Just another way to get into the Christmas mood!

2. VTech Go Go Smart Wheels

We have a few of these sets and they are great! The train set it by far my fav since the train moves by itself. It’s a big set and keeps the kids occupied for a while so I highly recommend it!

3. Storksak Tan Diaper Bag

Another diaper bag you may say? Well this one is near and dear to my heart. This was the bag I used with K and I recently switched back to. I love my Storksak bags!

4. Batman Pjs

I wish I found these guys when H was little enough to wear em! Considering he is fitting comfortably in 18 months (and some small 2T) pjs…. I don’t think these would work.

5. Aviators from H&M

I love these!!! And for $6, you can’t beat the price!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

15 Dec

Since he has learned to crawl he no longer stays put and hangs out with me. See ya later dude!

Just some coloring with Bug

I crafted a few nights this week. Check out the Pinterest Christmas projects!

Holiday shindig with some of my Magic ladies!

We enjoyed great weather at Chris and my parents work Christmas party!

Getting “elsa-fied”

This girl bounced and bounced for a good 5 hours!

Celebrating Anna’s birthday with her school friends

Dinner and play with our good friends!

Selfies with Kenley ❤

Tired guy… so relaxed and content 🙂

Another super busy week and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon! We are getting excited for Christmas in this house! Are you??

Hudson: 37 Weeks

14 Dec

Hud turned 37 weeks on Saturday. He is as sweet as ever!

He is crawling like a champ and already pulling himself up on things. Apparently he thinks he is pretty big time only holding on with one hand.

❤ ❤ ❤

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