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Hudson: Ten Months & 44 Weeks

31 Jan

10 months old…. already 😦 My little guy will be 1 year old in only 2 short months. How. Is. That. Possible.

A few big updates since last month…. we now have 2 teeth! They took forever to pop through but now they are coming in well. I have a feeling he is like Kyler and don’t really expect his top 12 teeth to come in anytime soon. I think she got her right after her first birthday?

He is also on all finger foods now!!! Woo hoo!! Honestly, it did not take that long… like maybe a couple of days. Probably helps that the kid LOVES to eat. So funny how boys are so different. At his big sis’ birthday he packed away a slice of pizza and a cup of yogurt for lunch. He will also eat half a quesadilla, a whole grilled cheese, and pretty much the same amount Kyler will eat. He LOVES chicken and steak and seemed to be really into the meat balls the other day. The only thing he hates is mashed potatoes. Maybe the texture? Next thing to work on is the sippy cup. Hopefully by next month we can start pushing that more instead of the bottle.

He is getting better with his standing. He still doesn’t cruise around furniture, however, the other day we discovered that he moved really well with the tall laundry basket. He pushes it along the hallway and had a great time doing that! I was pretty shocked that he did it so well because he doesn’t seem to have an interest in walking. So who knows! He gets around just fine with his crawling right now.

He is such a flirt!!! He really knows how to put the charm on and has a way with the ladies 🙂 The other day at Disney, Snow White kissed his head and he was mesmerized! It was so funny/weird really. He was laughing and had this flirty smile. He later found a group of girls to flirt with in line so that kept him busy for a little bit.

He is still our sweet and happy go lucky boy. We are SO blessed as he has such a sweet temperament. He is a bit needy in the since that he doesn’t like to do too many things independently. Typical boy 🙂  If we are in the room, he has to crawl over to us and climb/pull himself up to us. If you walk away or ignore him he starts to cry. When he crawls up me, he loves to give me hugs and snuggles so I love it!

He plays really well with most of his toys now. He loves to play with Kyler. Sometimes he can be a bit rough and likes to smack, pull, grab etc. I have to tell him nice hands a lot…. which in turn makes him do it more. He thinks its funny, we (meaning Kyler and I) do not.

Hudson is an early riser which I am not. He tends to wake up between 5am-6am which is not fun. If it’s on the earlier side, we can typically put his paci back in and he will go back to sleep. Some mornings he won’t go back down which means he comes into our bed and we try to squeeze another 30 minutes of sleep. Pretty hard to do when he is crawling on you, grabbing our face, and smacking you. Nice way to wake up 🙂

Happy 10 months Hud!!!!

Kyler’s 3rd Birthday Weekend!!!

29 Jan

A three year old birthday party was much different than a one year old or two year old party. At least it was for us. What I mean by that is that at age one, it’s mainly for the parents. The kid has no idea what is going on and what a birthday is. When it comes time for the second birthday, it’s still mainly for the parents, however, your kid may have some input in terms of what they like but outside of that, they still really don’t know what is going on. However, for the third birthday, that is when they definitely have some say so.

Kyler’s birthday was Monday, the 26th, however we started the party celebration on Friday. We brought in mini cupcakes for her class and they were able to sing her Happy Birthday at school.

Saturday was her birthday party with all of her friends. She had been telling me for about 5 months that she wanted a dinosaur and alligator . Um, what? I honestly thought it was just a moment in time thing but she kept at it and never dropped it. About 3 months ago (hey, I am an event planner-what can I say), I was thinking to myself “Okay, what are you going to do for a dinosaur and alligator party?” It dawned on me…. the Orlando Science Center! They have a great dinosaur area and baby alligators and guess what? They host birthday parties! This was perfect because Kyler now has a bunch of friends at school and I didn’t really want to entertain a bunch of people at my house. I mean do you remember how all out I went for her 2nd birthday?

Honestly, even though I was a bit sad that I didn’t get to be all creative and fun, it was AMAZING and pretty much stress free. I didn’t have to worry about a clean house, food, making sure everything was perfect, etc. We showed up and they handled everything!

First, she started out making a “lava” lamp and doing “volcano” explosion experiments.

Watching more science experiments!

Playing in one of the dino digs

We had a baby alligator come to the room and everyone got to pet him! His name was Taft 🙂

Time for cake!

Playtime with friends

These 2 were full of it and running through the exhibit like crazy people

The big guy had fun too!

Sunday, we had a birthday party for family at my parents house! We kept it simple; pizza and cake.

My dad snuck Hudson some icing….I was not too happy, however, Hudson seemed to love it.

Kyler got this sweet ride for her birthday!

Taken her baby bro for a ride

Drivers Ed

She had a great time!

Think someone has enough jewelry?

Uncle Josh!

Playing soccer with cousin Cole!

For her actual birthday, Chris and I both took off work and took her to a surprise breakfast with the princesses at the Grand Floridian.

He is such a flirt!

The other 4 princesses made their way around to our table

The Grand Floridan is so pretty! So is this little model 🙂

She is 3!

Running off to catch the monorail

We spent the rest of the day at Magic Kindgom. The park wasn’t too busy and we were able to get on 10 different rides, catch the parade, meet Tinker Bell, and still sneak in a nap!

12:03pm. The exact time she was born ❤

My little stud ❤

Watch out! Crazy driver!

Waiting for the parade to start and had a great view of the castle

The parade had a bit of delay to naturally Kyler headed out to perform in front of everyone.

She will make friends with anyone these days 🙂

Best parade yet. Since she was wearing her birthday pin, a lot of the performers came over to her and said happy birthday. She especially loved with Smead and Pluto came back and shook her hand 🙂


This one…. melts my heart!

My big 3 year old. Thankfully she was able to get on this because the ride broke down about 3 minutes later!

We had the BEST day with them. They were both so well behaved, she LOVED the princesses and got to ride all of her favorite rides, the weather was beautiful and things just fell into place. We had a long weekend celebrating but it was worth it…. anything for our Bug! Happy 3rd Birthday again sweet girl!!!!!!!!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday

27 Jan

This week I am a bit all over the place but here are some things that came to mind this week. Check out Basement State of Mind’s site this week too!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday by This Grey House

1. Drapery Pants

I imagine this with a solid white tank tucked in with some super cute sandals. Perfect for the Spring!

2. Potty Watch

I can’t believe it took me this long for this little gem to make its way to this series. Seriously, anyone having problems in potty training needs to get this!

3. Roll ‘N Gears Car

My Aunt just picked this up for Hudson but he loves it so far! Small enough for my diaper bag and keeps him entertained while we are out and about!

4. Beastmode Shirt

I mean come on. Is there a shirt better for Hudson? I think not! Beastmode Baby!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

26 Jan

What an awesome weekend! Kyler turned 3 today so we have been celebrating all week!

These two ❤

I love love love snuggling this one

Saturday, we celebrated Kyler’s 3rd birthday with her friends at the Orlando Science Center. Dinosaur style.

Her face says it all ❤ More to come on this party later.

On Sunday, we had a party with our family at my parents house. Again, more to come on that!

Boom. We are three!!

Opening gifts!

Laundry baskets make great walkers!! This one practiced going up and down the hallway

Today, we celebrated K’s birthday at Disney World, her favorite place. This picture was taken at 12:03pm, the exact moment she was born! Happy Birthday, my sweet Bug!

Kyler Nicole: Three Years Old

26 Jan

Kyler Bug is 3 years old. Honestly, I felt like she was 2 years old forever. I have been thinking of her as more of a 3 year old for a while now. She has definitely grown into a little lady and the baby in her is gone 😦

She is riding a big girl bike now, signed up for spring soccer, in dance class at school, attending lots of birthday parties now, goes potty by herself, and a ton of other independent big girl things. I love to sit back and watch her with her friends and see what they talk about. Her imagination is really taking off and her level of play has really gone up.

We are definitely having our struggles right now. Our nighttime routine is at is all time worse right now. Dinner time is miserable as she just wants to get up, lay all over the seat, talk, potty, really do anything except eat her dinner. It has nothing to do what is on the plate, however, I can’t get her to try anything new. Then, after bath, we play the lets open the door and get out of bed a few 5-10 times before falling asleep by 9:30pm. Honestly, other than night time, there are really no complaints right now. I mean sure, we have our battles because she is super stubborn and she is three, but she has always been like that and talked back and done what she has wanted to do so nothing new there. She has started this thing of asking me if she can do something before she does it. I am not sure how long it will last but I am soaking it up!

She is not a shy girl by any means. She will strike up a conversation with just about anyone and likes to introduce herself. She is a CHATTER box. Like seriously, the girl is constantly talking. She comes up with funniest things to say too. She loves her friends and her cousins…. she talks about them all of the time. Everyone is “my best friend so and so”. Also, I have noticed that in social situations, ie birthday parties, she doesn’t shy away. She tends to be the first in line to check something out or try something. She is such an animal lover, just like Mom. She LOVES her doggies and cat… sometimes too much. She has been a lot rougher with them as of late so that is something we are working on 🙂 She is super goofy and loves to put on a performance. She is as girly as they come yet at the same time loves to play with dinosaurs, superheros, and run around outside. She will disappear upstairs to come back down wearing her princess dress and then will start roaring like dinosaur. So funny.

In term of the smarts department, she is one sharp cookie. She has been able to spell and recognize her name for a while but can also spell all of our names and we are working on a few short words. She loves to build with her legos, read, and play with her puzzles. She loves to play doctor and is constantly giving us check-ups. If you ask her if you are okay she says “No, not yet” and continues to work on you. She was so excited to go to the doctors the other day and told me when she left that she had fun. Go figure.

She also loves Disney, Disney movies and the Disney channel. I can’t believe I have a Disney kid but I do. She loves all of the characters but LOVES the princesses. She knows them all. She LOVES to dress up right now and has quite the collection of dresses, shoes and accessories. If you haven’t figured it out already, she loves her fashion. She seriously gets excited about new clothes, particularly jackets, dresses and nightgowns. Oh and shoes. She loves them. Boots? Even more! I am not joking…. the child has 8 pairs of boots. It’s a sickness that we both share together. She is starting to get into Barbie dolls and Legos.

I really don’t know how tall she is but I would say somewhere around or just shy of 38″? We will find out at the doctor this week. She is 32 pounds and wearing 3T and size 8 shoes. Her hair is finally getting long so she may finally get her first hair cut sometime this year haha.

Some of her favorites:

Favorite Foods: Yogurt, Grapes, Pancakes, Peanut Butter Jelly, Steak, Green Beans, Applesauce, Any candy, cake or cookie 🙂
Favorite Movies: Tangled, followed by Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, & Little Mermaid
Favorite Songs: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, Fancy by Iggy, Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer, Single Ladies by Beyonce
Favorite Toys: Princess Legos, Bike, Panda and Doggie,
Favorite Places: Disney World, Chick-fila, Grandma and Poppas, Kenley’s House
Favorite Books: Cat in the Hat, Dragons Love Tacos, Princess Stories, Toddler Bible

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sassy, funny, independent, smart Kyler Bug!!!!

Hudson: 43 Weeks

24 Jan

43 Weeks. I just counted and only have 9 more weekly updates. I might starting crying now thinking about it. I keep finding myself thinking and treating him like he is much younger than he is. He is packing away some serious food these days and is doing awesome with finger foods. He scarfs up his food so quickly and is also looking for more.

Slow down sweet boy!!

Hudson: 42 Weeks

21 Jan

A few days late on the post but I still wanted to get it on the blog. The big guy is getting closer and closer to being ONE. Crazy!! He is FINALLY working on his bottom 2 teeth. The left one popped through last week and the right has since followed. You can feel them but hey are by no means up. They are taking their sweet time!

He really hasn’t started cruising too much yet so I don’t think he will be walking anytime soon. He seems content on just crawling and pulling himself on everything and anything for now. That, however, could change at anytime so I guess only time will tell! He is working on more and more finger foods and my goal is to be pretty much down with pureed within the next weeks. We will see!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday

20 Jan

What are you loving this week for your kiddos? Leave a comment and let me know! Also, don’t forget to head over to Basement State of Mind‘s page and check her weekly roundup!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday:: This Grey House

1. Princess Nightgown

I get mine from Target but I think a few places sell them. It’s the only thing Kyler wants to wear to bed. She is obsessed!

2. Hug Life Shirt

I mean need I say more? I think both of my kids need this in their lives, STAT!

3. Hurley Shirt

I love Hurley and I am so excited Hudson can start wearing it more this Spring! I am also a big fan of camo so this is win.

4. Bright Coral Hunter Boots

These boots arrived from our favorite Aunt JJ and K has already worn them about 4 times 🙂

5. New England Patriots Hat

Before the NFL season started, I had a friend from New England send this down for Hudson.  It was a recommendation from Jenn and I love it!!! Hudson looks so cute wearing it ❤

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

19 Jan

The week started out with a little house work…new floors! They will be finished tomorrow and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Love watching these 2 interact 🙂

Kyler got her first pair of Hunter boots from her Aunt JJ this week and she loves them!

So much so that she asked to take a selfie with them haha

We had 2 birthday parties to go to on Saturday. First stop was Monkey Joe’s to celebrate Hannah’s 3rd birthday. She and Kyler are 3 days apart!

Kyler is up at the top in the sea of kids. How she is that old to be doing this is beyond me.

Onto the next birthday party!

The next party was at the Fire Station. Yep, a real live Fire Station. I don’t believe they all do it but it the City of Apoka does.

Kyler and her friend Niam from school! We celebrated his 3rd birthday too!

Kyler had a great time playing with her school friends and learning about the Fire Station.

Saturday was the Pats game and this one was ready.

Chris grilled some wings before the game

Sunday afternoon I started coming with a stomach bug so I relaxed on the couch and watched the game. Our Pats were victorious and we are on to the Super Bowl!

Already messing with his big sis 🙂

Goof ball!

I had big plans for my day off, however, thanks for a lovely stomach flu/bug that I am sure one of the kids brought home from school, I laid on the couch the entire day. Just my luck. Looking forward to celebrating Kyler’s 3rd birthday this weekend!!!!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday

13 Jan

This week I am bringing you all clothing for your little ones! I must be burnt out of toys or something 🙂 Head over the Basement State of Mind’s page and see what she is obsessing over!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday :: This Grey House

1. Grey Boots

You may be thinking “Really, more boots?” and I am here to tell you yes. More boots. Actually 2 new pairs to be exact. I love. them. all.

2. Quilted Vest 

I love this vest! So much so that I am strongly considering ordering this for Hudson as we speak…. tyring to thinking of how many more times it will be cold in Florida (I mean like at least 3, right??)

3. Heart Breaker

Again, I may or may not be placing this in my cart for Hud… perfect for any little stud in your life and of course, Valentine’s Day!

4. Ankle Boots

Told ya, more boots! I wish they made these in my size

5. Floral Scarf

I love everything about this. The grey and coral, the pattern on one side with a solid on the back. Beautiful!

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