Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

4 Jan

Well, it’s officially 2015 and the holidays are over. Time to get back to the real world tomorrow!

Starting Hudson off early

Text from hubby reads “Game is over, stop goofing off and come home” with this picture attached

Our New Year’s Eve was spent celebrating the marriage of my friend Jordan! The kids stayed over at my parents and it was nice to get dressed up and head Downtown.

Ringing in the new year!

The happy couple!

The bridge and I (doesn’t she look amazing?!?!)

Congrats again to Jordan and Chris!

The next day, we headed over to the Island to pick up the kids and have dinner with my parents. The princess was knocked out.

My dad loves his golf cart. Not for golfing but for riding around the neighborhood. When I saw these matching shirts, I KNEW that I had to get them.

The pack (our 3 dogs and my parents 5…. it gets quite hectic)

What a good little helper!

He has that face that you just want to squeeze!

Family bike ride!

Poor guy needs his own helmet… sporting big sis’ baby helmet!

Hot tubin’ with my girl. Beer for me and Apple Juice for her 🙂

She’s ready

Curled up and watching a movie with Dad

I hope everyone had a great and safe New Years! Happy 2015 everyone!

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